Top 10 most promising Wii U multiplayer games

Wii U is the ultimate party machine. While party games may have a bad name thanks to titles such as Carnival Games and Game Party, as any Mario Kart fan will tell you there's nothing better than having four players crowded around the telly for some multiplayer racing fun. Now, with the GamePad, you can add an extra player to the mix! But what will be the best Wii U multiplayer games? It's hard to say until we've played big blockbusters online but, from what we've played and seen so far, these are the games that promise to make the best use of the GamePad.

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Relientk772084d ago

Super Smash Bros. 4
New Mario Kart
New Super Mario Bros U

ReDDeaDDan2084d ago

Seriously??? The Wii U is screwed if this is all it has to offer! A bunch of games that you could probably play on your Ipad!

SonyNGP2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

Try again.

edit: The NEOGEO had some amazing games :/

ReDDeaDDan2084d ago

How about Wii U - the NEO GEO of the 2010's?

PopRocks3592084d ago

For any Nintendo fan, it's a fantastic launch.

For everyone else, there's at least Rayman Legends, ZombiU and P-100. New Super Mario Bros. U if they have yet to play a NSMB game.

Not terrible as far as launches go. It's better than the Wii's and 3DS's at least.

AO1JMM2084d ago

You mean like that awesome launch game lineup the 360 and PS3 had?


tehpees32084d ago

You pick Just Dance 4 over Tekken? Tekken's multiplayer is great. Don't understand the article there.

WeskerChildReborned2084d ago

They should make a Pokemon stadium 3 and have multiplayer.

from the beach2084d ago

Didn't feel like clicking through all those pages but Nintendo Land, Wario, Tank! Tank! Tank! and NSMB U should all be multiplayer crackers.

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