PSP Development Costs Halved

Tom Ivan from Next Gen writes:

"Effective from February 4, 2008, the 50 percent price cut applies to all SN Systems PSP development tools including full and rental ProDG for PSP, Tuner, Build Tools and ProView licenses ordered through the UK-based SN Systems office."

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Mr_Kuwabara3819d ago

Good news for Sony. More power to them.

Iamback3819d ago

Cool it is going to need it, now after developers have definitely seen that piracy is massive on PSP

anh_duong3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

psp is sony's little unsung hero. the psp is like a neglected child that keeps on trying to please. it's less successful sibling, the ps3, seems to garner all the attention but the little poor psp keeps on fighting for recognition. keep plugging away little psp - your time will come. hahah.

poor little psp, always in the shadow between its two brothers, the ps3 and ps2.

Drekken3819d ago

less successful ps3? I dont think the ps3 is unsuccessful in any way.

anh_duong3819d ago

less successful does not mean unsuccessful.

Avto3819d ago

now I can renew my annual support I was kind of short so this price cut was just what I needed

Lord_Ash3818d ago

Good move Sony, now developers bring on the GAMEs....