New Killzone 2 Concept Art


"We've discovered the work of Xavier Marquis; a talented artist who created concept art for Guerrilla Game's Killzone series. Among his work are new images from Killzone 1, Killzone: Liberation, and the upcoming Killzone 2. Enjoy the many images after the link."

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Mr_Kuwabara3847d ago

That image looks pretty sexual. LOL

Maddens Raiders3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

but who the hell is the chick? (Luger's distant cousin?)

TheHater3847d ago

someone from the third faction maybe?

warpbackspin3847d ago

I think her name tag says ISA, it's probably Evelyn from KZ: Liberation but I haven't played the game to know for sure.

Iamback3847d ago

In picture 7 there is a war dog, were they in "Liberation"? Cus definetily they were not in KZ1

BlackIceJoe3847d ago

Yes they were and they really are cool in action.

Meus Renaissance3847d ago

You know what I realised, some of these games this generation could easily be turned into Hollywood blockbusters, or atleast an animated series. My girlfriend the other day was watching an Assassins Creed trailer and was saying how cool "this movie" looks mid-way through it. And I realised at that point how the plot surrounding Altair could very well work in a movie - similar to Kingdom of Heaven.

What do you guys think

Mr_Kuwabara3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

As long as Uwe Boll has nothing to do with them I kinda agree. Assasins Creed could be a great movie but the thing is that most Game to Movies or Movies to Games haven't been successful for a while now. Devil May Cry could also be pretty cool to see on the big screen, that or a Final Fantasy (with real actors) would be pretty cool if they have good movie directors working on it.

Bazookajoe_833847d ago

There is a animated serie of devil may cry. U can watch it on youtube or get it somewere ellse, i think dmc4 special edition was gonna include 4 episodes. Hitman was a pretty good movie, but yea uwe boll sucks...

DFresh3847d ago

God damn that's clear and crisp the graphics alone blow me away.
Killzone 2 and resistance 2 are going to be the biggest 1st person shooters this year hands down.

Kleptic3847d ago

uh...those pictures were all concept art...not in game rendered anything...its just artwork for the programmers to base the look and feel of the game off of...awesome looking; I agree...but before you get murdered by rabid fegtrons for thinking these were in game...thought I would point that out...

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The story is too old to be commented.