What’s Heading to PlayStation Network This Week: Modern Warfare 3, BioShock, and More

There are several great games coming to PlayStation Network this week that include Modern Warfare 3 and BioShock. In a digital age where we use video games for more than just entertainment now. We also talk about how video games are now a way to socialize and make friends―whereas these are not JUST games coming to PSN but much more.

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amandadyar2060d ago

BioShock will always have a place in my heart. I am glad its arriving on PSN!

srcBFMVBMTH2060d ago

Agreed, Bioshock is a classic in the making. The series will definitely be remembered for years to come.

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2060d ago
Axonometri2060d ago

BioShock would be welcomed in my collection. It seems my last copy was lost in the seas of torment before I was able to slip free of her whaling grasp.

Argh! I might actually be able to enjoy the game the way it was intended this time too! ( I don't know why I started talking like a pirate, but I'm sure it is psychological )

ZoyosJD2060d ago

Almost subliminal, then ye had to go and sink yar ship.

Alien ninjas would totally win anyway.

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