Metal Gear Solid Mobile screenshots

Kojima Productions is not only working on Metal Gear Solid 4 for the PlayStation 3, they are also making Metal Gear Solid Mobile. The story from this game takes place between the first and second Metal Gear Solid game, you can find four screenshots after the jump.

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Joey Gladstone3789d ago

......"The JOEY has Spoken"

Mr_Kuwabara3789d ago

Impressive how the Japanese cell phones can have such great graphics. I don't even think that these graphics can be done on the DS hehe.

THE_JUDGE3789d ago

they are doing this. I am slowly becoming obsessed with MGS and want to play everything but this is going to be tricky and annyoing to play on a freaking cell phone.

liquidsnake3789d ago

Welcome to my world mate, every sentence spoken by me must contain "snake"

Tempist3789d ago

Never fear, it will probably get ported to a PSP/DS nearest you!

Yeah sure, everyone in Japan and Europe has fancy game playing cellphones, but a lot more people still have handhelds that play games better than cellphones.

squallsoft3789d ago

... called nstl. I love this game so far. right now, its still kinda buggy, and its annoying how the music loops, but i have a feeling by the time we get the next submission, this game is going to be perfect. and for those who fear the controlls, trust me, they got it to work!

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