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Global Weekly Chart Week Ending 25th August

The week's top-selling games at retail ranked by unit sales (3DS, Darksiders 2, New Super Mario Bros. 2, Nintendo DS, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Sleeping Dogs, Wii, Xbox 360)

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CommonSenseGamer  +   1133d ago
I must have misread....surely there was more than 1 PSV game in the top 100?!?
Sgt_Slaughter  +   1133d ago
Unfortunately, no.
feeter  +   1132d ago
When the next chart comes out there wil be 2... but this must change and soon as developers watch how many potential sales they can expect and if this is what is there few will risk money for little reward... its a shame as its a great system
bubblebeam  +   1133d ago
WOOT go darksiders 2!!!

Hopefully the sales keep up and we get a 3rd.
Gran Turismo 5 is still going strong. Is that 7.8 million just in America?

Either way, crazy numbers for a racing game.
feeter  +   1132d ago
And go Sleeping Dogs... show Activision what they passed on...

Believe the 7.8 is global
bubblebeam  +   1131d ago
Haha lol, yeh it used to be called something else when activision were doing it.

At least now we can sleep tight and not expect a sleeping dogs 2,3,4 in the next month.
black911  +   1132d ago
PS3 and 360 game sales for multiplats are equal fkr some like arkham. Ity ps3 outsold the 360 version. Also when you consider all the exclusives ps3 has this is amazing and kind of sad for the 360.

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