OXM Review: The Club

OXM writes:

"DAZ. ACE. POO. Or if you were feeling particularly naughty, SEX. Oh, you little rascal, you! Those were the glory days of arcade gaming in the Eighties, when seeing your three initials proudly blazing through the stained cabinet glass and cigarette burns was the ultimate proof that you have the skills."

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3787d ago

IT'S not a bad little game, it's very "arcade" shooter.

BLUR1113786d ago

No shlT the demo's cool.. its very arcade. i will deffently pick it up.

ohhthegore3786d ago

doesn't look too great. Maybe when its in the bargain bin I'll pick it up

meepmoopmeep3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

but DMC4 demo eclipsed it for me... i had too much fun nailing down Instant Rev. i might pick it up The Club when it drops in price though, it's not bad at all

Lord_Ash3786d ago

I liked the demo and I was going to buy it, but I noticed there are 5 games I want this month (DMC4, Lost Odyssey, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney 4, Patapon and Professor Layton) so I think I'll Pass.