New Blue Dragon Plus screenshots and arts

Blue Dragon Plus takes place a year after the first Blue Dragon game, released on the Xbox 360. The French website Jeux-France has some more images and artworks from the Nintendo DS game, you can view them after the jump.

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PS360WII3763d ago

Looks impressive. Seems Mistwalker is working harder on the style for this then for Shuffle.

5 years after the 360 version eh? Well you still probably wont have to play the xbox version to know what's going on. Hopefully this sells well so DS and 360 users can see that Blue Dragon is a pretty good RPG.

lonestarmt3763d ago

is it just me or does this look to have more style than the original blue dragon?

Luca Blight3763d ago

but, I'm a sucker for handdrawn 2D stuff so...maybe? No offense against Blue Dragon guys.

ceedubya93763d ago

I still haven't finished the original Blue Dragon, but I feel as though it is a quality old school RPG that hasn't gotten a fair shake. This DS version looks good so far.

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