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SL1M DADDY3789d ago

But I wouldn't hold my breath for now. I suspect we will see them here in the States in about 4 to 6 months or so. First being Resistance and RR7, then games like R&C, Heavenly Sword and Uncharted.

mikeslemonade3789d ago

The dubbing "Greatest Hits" is better than "Platinum Hits".

SL1M DADDY3789d ago

But platinum IS the greatest. lol

ravinash3789d ago

Yeah, that might make me buy a few games I wouldn't have otherwised brought. Games like RFOM for one.

THE_JUDGE3789d ago

that game by now your just sad.

Iron Man 23789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

LOL I agree with THE_JUDGE,you are one sad PS3 owner seriously,RFOM is a MUST own by all PS3 owners!

And yeah,release them here in North America also!;)

Zhuk3789d ago

Hopefully they do everyone a favour and make the platinum covers look half decent instead of like garbage

Yi-Long3789d ago

... but I just hope they will rethink their decision to release Ninja Gaiden Sigma CUT.
I hope they will now take this opportunity to release that game UNCUT, for the European audience, so people like me, who boycot censored products, can pick it up.

kiko893789d ago

you could import the ps3 is region free

monkey6023789d ago

I never bought Heavenly sword or Folkore, wouldnt mind getting them

THE_JUDGE3789d ago

and would love to see them finally implement this here. Definetly get HS if you can get it cheap. Awesome game. I still want Folklore and if its $30 new, even better.

monkey6023789d ago

I'm surprised I never got HS to be honest. I loved the demo. The problem is I have a 360 and Wii too so there are still a bunch of games I want for all 3 consoles.

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