Sony offers 'no comment' on Slim & Lite PlayStation 3 rumours

While Sony may be stonewalling on offering anything tangible before it attends the upcoming Game Developers Conference in San Francisco (Feb 18-22), the company is already known for releasing compact editions of its gaming hardware to tie-in with market traction and reduced manufacturing costs.

Specifically, the PlayStation Portable has recently received a scale-down upgrade in the form of the Slim & Lite model, while the PlayStation 2 and the original PlayStation also benefited in the marketplace from the introduction of smaller hardware re-imaginings.

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rushbd3760d ago

mind bending hardware announcement this gdc 08 too :D

mikeslemonade3760d ago

Yea SCEA is located in San Francisco so this is home territory for Sony at GDC. They have home field advantage!

ravinash3760d ago

How many years was PS2 around before the slim version came out.
I find it highly unlikely the slim version of PS3 will be coming out for some time.

darkness within3760d ago

and I don't think its been long enough to make any of the components significantly smaller.

THE_JUDGE3760d ago

If you could save money on making and selling the system why not do it? When Sony put out the PS2 it was making money hand over fist almost instantly. Now the PS3 is behind this gen and the price has been a large sticking point. If you make the components and the console smaller, thought is that would cut the costs that you could pass on to the consumer. The lower the PS3 price the better.

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eLiNeS3760d ago

buy a 360 in the mean time, you will thank me later.

rofldings3760d ago

Should I thank you before or after it red-rings?

Maddens Raiders3760d ago

I must give it to you - you are a consistent s.o.b.

Don't break tradition; only one more bubble to go before you reach complete obscurity. Go boy go!

tweaker3760d ago

Yeah I agree. Its unlikely for Sony to release a Slim version anytime soon. But if they do, I'll most likely pick one up no doubt.

Whats more believable is Sony releasing different colored versions of the existing PS3. If they have an MGS4 edition with matching DS3 controller I'll definitely pick one up at MGS4's launch instead.

Skerj3760d ago

Different colors is my guess too, all the other systems got a slim version years after they were released. Oh yeah props for the Heiroglyphics logo.

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The story is too old to be commented.