BF3 Armored Kill out now for PS3 Premium members - launch trailer kicks off the war

El33tonline writes:

"Great news for Battlefield 3 players on PlayStation 3 (who also happen to be Battlefield 3 Premium members!): The latest set of downloadable content has just been released!"

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finbars751782d ago

Downloading as we speak.All my friends have been playing this all day and love the hell out of it.Cant wait

Fasttrack761782d ago

Damn,I'm 360 have to wait until next Tuesday

WeskerChildReborned1782d ago

Can't find it in the PS store.

OliverKO1782d ago

Are you a BF3 Premium member?

WeskerChildReborned1782d ago

Yep, i'm not sure if it's available in NA yet.

Skate-AK1782d ago

Maybe try using the search function. Sometimes I can find content that hasnt been published to the what's new section.

yoyo121211778d ago

Go to the in game store

Detoxx1782d ago

Alborz Mountain = One of the best maps in Multiplayer FPS games!

Detoxx1782d ago

It's awesome. It doesn't feel empty at all and the maps are awesome except for "Armored Shield" in my opinion, looks like a Caspian Border + Heavy Metal so that map doesn't feel special at all.

SpetsnazKYA6661782d ago

I can't find it anywhere on PSN. wth