EA "not satisfied" with 2007 performance

Electronic Arts is unhappy it did not produce enough highly-rated new games in 2007, despite having managed to line its pockets with record amounts of money.

"While we are the third-party quality leader, we are not satisfied with where we are; we did not have any internally developed breakaway titles, and no one of EA's internally developed titles hit a Metacritic rating of 90 or greater," said boss John Riccitello in an earnings conference call.

However, he believes 2008 (or fiscal year 2009, which ends next April) will be a different story, with a fresh RPG from BioWare and new LOTR game among the stand out titles.

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LSDARBY3819d ago

Erm how about you make good games, maybe then you will see profit. Arseholes expect sell millions of crap games.

Capt CHAOS3819d ago

Atleast we (you and the public) can agree on one thing.

tweaker3819d ago

haha you nailed it LSDARBY. i was gonna type the same thing.

mikeslemonade3819d ago

EA made less money than Activision who publishes less games.

Lifendz3819d ago

and maybe I'll start believing that EA is about making quality games for a system that you can't port to.

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PS360PCROCKS3819d ago

Lol exactly lsdarby! Reviewers don't need to award mediocrity. Dear EA, MAKE BETTER GAMES! This is intriguing "with a fresh RPG from BioWare" by april 2009, yay Mass Effect 2!?

M337ING3819d ago

Nope, their next game is Dragon Age for the PC...

ravinash3819d ago

yeap, just completed ME yesterday, ready to bring on ME2 now thank you.

Dark_Vendetta3819d ago

no fear they already said unofficially (in the forums) that they are working on Mass Effect 2.
Wow the only good game you want to release until fiscal year 2009 is from BIOWARE. I don't expect LOTR getting a ranking over 90

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joemomma3819d ago

Imean come on NFS prostreet? failiure...

ravinash3819d ago

Hay EA! heres an idea to get those scores past 90%.
Try making some good games....and learn how to program.

mighty_douche3819d ago

Gamers "not satisfied" with EA's performance.

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The story is too old to be commented.