Exclusive: Turok coming to mobile

Well, this is an unusually exciting start to a Monday morning. Pocket Gamer just got off the phone with Marius Halser from Living Mobile who has revealed that Turok is coming to mobiles as an all singing, all dancing platform shooter. But apparently, that is not all there is to the game.

"The thing we are most proud of is the stealth element," Halser reveals. "You don't have to play the game just one way."

Indeed, it seems mixing stealth and action gameplay styles is just one of the ways in which the game has been closely modelled on its Playstation 3/Xbox 360 big brothers and you should expect a full complement of moves and weapons available for dealing out death and judgement to evil mercenaries and hungry dinosaurs alike.

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Rocko3791d ago

Does ANYONE play this garbage? Not just Turok but other mobile crap like this as well. Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell etc...

marcellizot3791d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Ok when was the last time you actually played a mobile game seeing as you seem to be such an expert?

Why do you think companies like Sony, EA and THQ are investing millions in mobile game development?

The answer is simple; because mobile games have come a long way since Snake and anyone who is still clinging to the mobile games are 'garbage' argument probably hasn't played one since then.

Fair enough mobile games don't often allow you to fill the oversized metallic boots of Joey the space marine so you can set off to an alien planet to shoot the tentacles off of Jimmy the evil and very ugly space cretin + mates for fifteen levels, invariably using a pistol, a machine gun, a bigger machine gun, a shotgun and a rocket launcher before taking part in a protracted end of game boss battle where you have to continually nuke a giant monster in its soft bits until it shrivels into a slimy heap and you watch the credits roll with the inert beseeching submission of an unloved child.

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