Can a Game Truly Be ‘Better With Kinect’? How Mass Effect 3 Changed My Views

James Steel Writes-
"Now that Microsoft’s Kinect has been out for nearly two years, we’re finally starting to get a picture of how it has affected the gaming landscape as a whole. It’s certainly had a tough time breaking into the core gaming experience, as many will simply dismiss it as a peripheral best left to the dance, fitness and kids genre of games. Developers are clearly more comfortable with the technology now, both in regards to its strength and weaknesses, and with talk of the next generation of both the Xbox and the Kinect device, there’s no better time to be implementing new and innovative features that will give programmers a head start when it comes to the Kinect’s successor.

The range of games which require Kinect are usually few and far between, and it’s primarily been the core first party published efforts that have truly clicked with me. Kinect Sports, Dance Central and The Gunstringer are all entertaining experiences, but it’s the ‘Better With Kinect’ moniker that can demonstrate how well implemented voice and gesture controls can be an additive experience to the game, working in tandem with the conventional controller, as opposed to instead of it."

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optimus2088d ago

I'm not really into rpg's but i may give this mass effect a try seeing as how they managed to do it right with kinect...unlike madden 13 which after playing the horrid demo with kinect told me to stay away from that game.