Ubisoft teasing new game announcement

Ubisoft has revealed that it will be announcing a new title "very soon".

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Ashunderfire861928d ago

Beyond Good and Evil 2 anyone!!!

MorbidPorpoise1928d ago

Agreed, failing that, a new 3d Rayman platformer.

Freak of Nature1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

I could not agree more than BG&E2 and or Rayman 3D platformer.... However Rayman and the team behind it have been and are really busy with the current 2D version. Plus the same team are the guys that will bring us BG&E2 someday.... That game has been on my most wanted list for years now...But someday, someday....

POP could be a new game announcement. BG&E 2 is not a new game, but has it been announced as of yet officially?

Link to the video that was shown/leaked about 4 months ago....

Very soon cannot get here fast enough to hear what it will be...

Nimblest-Assassin1928d ago

With Ubisoft.. this could be awesome or downright meh

The same studio making watch dogs... made singstar babies

So yeah.. no idea what this could be

1928d ago
prototypeknuckles1928d ago

I could be beyond good and evil 2 which I hope it is, the new prince of Persia reboot, I jj.d of hope its not because I still want a conclusion to 08 story, or this could be a new ip altogether

ScubbaSteve1928d ago

DRM: The Game

It will be a new PC game published by Ubisoft containing all the latest DRM systems. Enjoy such beloved DRMs as "Entering a never ending CD key where the Is look like Ls" to "Repeatedly disconnecting from our always online DRM server".

Be sure to check out our Day one DLC entitled "DLC: Platinum" where you pay for DLC that grants exclusive access to more DLC! Be the first on your gamer list to have slightly different looking single player items that are just reskins of old content. Additionally with our desperate attempt to recoup the money we lost on our horrible DRM decisions you can own this digital pirate outfit, incidentally the group we're going to blame for our poor sales.

swat_teem1928d ago

i can't WAIT! this gona be epic XD

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The story is too old to be commented.