The 10 best PlayStation games for letting off steam

[OPM] People who don’t get angry shouldn’t be admired – they should be feared, reviled, poked with sharp sticks. But before the Daily Mail descends from its Union Flag tower to lambast games for making us frothing lunatics, let’s join hands, sing hymns and talk about the titles you play when you need to let off steam. Instead of getting so furious you eat the sticks off your controller, take a deep breath and enjoy this list of games to sate your inner beast.

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garos821781d ago

there a few id add or replace from that list.

id add gladiator battle in sports champion on hard. its a good steam releaser. also killzone 3 online with move for me

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

definitely sports champions gladiator duel, actually above all the other ones. that and journey

SlavisH21781d ago Show
Rip-Ridah1781d ago

Best Playstation game to let off steam is Flower...Hands down!

Quiescent1781d ago

Theres nothing like eye gouging the wyws of a greek god. How satisfying.

prototypeknuckles1781d ago

i would add splatterhouse to this list, i mean i know its not the best game but whats more bound to get your anger out than brutally killing monsters with metal music