Midway concretes UT3 PS3 date

Midway has confirmed to Eurogamer that Unreal Tournament 3 on PlayStation 3 will be out here on 22nd February. It will join the PC version that launched in November 2007, and do clever things like work with mods designed by the desktop community sitting jovially behind their command centres.

No level editor is included in the console offering, but those of you with PCs can build stuff and port it across, or just download other people's creations to a Memory Stick.

Tom was also full of praise when we got our hands on it at the end of last year, pointing it out as the new online FPS benchmark on PS3.

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ravinash3851d ago


Actually, I already knew that, but Yaaaaaayyyy!

games4fun3850d ago

its taking quite a while to ship the ps3 UT3 overseas we've had it stateside for months

ohhthegore3850d ago

Hope with Europeans playing I'll have more people to play with

Lord_Ash3850d ago

Agree we need more rooms and less lag.

marcindpol3850d ago

great news, cannot wait!

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The story is too old to be commented.