Entry level Xbox 360 hitting Japan on March 6

In hopes of reviving creating interest for its console in Japan, Microsoft just announced the March 6th launch of an entry-level Xbox 360 in the land of the rising sun. The Japanese equivalent of the Xbox 360 Arcade will sell for tax-inclusive ¥27,800 (about $260) and bundle an extra 256MB memory unit, wireless controller, and game pack. Hey Microsoft, that's $20 cheaper than your Arcade sells domestically without factoring in the added tax.

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SaiyanFury3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

If that is a picture of the console Microsoft is releasing in Japan, it will not only fail, it will be an insult. That picture on the top of that 360 is the old imperial war flag, something that Japan abandoned after being bombed in Pearl Harbour in WWII. A great many Japanese people consider it offensive to display that flag or image. But if it's not the same as the image displayed, it may succeed but I doubt it since most Japanese gamers already have a dislike for things Microsoft. My opinion may sound biased, but not illogical.

darkshiz3668d ago

American product with Japanese emblem. That's more of an insult isn't it?

v1c1ous3668d ago

a custom skin for the 360.

you know, since in japan its a popular past time to stick skins on 360 with various things like anime character, backgrounds etc...

but any little thing to blow up for controversy is nice am i right?

mikeslemonade3668d ago

I think the Arcade maybe the best xbox 360 sku in Japan, but the price is the issue. The premium is supposedly way cheaper over there, but the Arcade will only be $20 cheaper.

gamesblow3668d ago

Entry level... hahahaha... It sure is an "entry level" (entry) being the operative word. Microsoft lookin' to stick it to 'em again. Their desperate ways have actually eclipsed HD-dvd and Toshiba s efforts in all honesty.

Face it, Microsoft... it's over over there. Like Colonel Trautman once said "It's over Johnny... It's over!" of course Johnny came back with "Nothing is over...! Nothing! You just don't turn it off. It wasn't my war. You asked me I didn't ask you." and so forth and so on... but the key aspect to my rant is this.

Try as you may, try as you might.... xbox 360 won't sell even if it was a buck every night.

Genuine3668d ago

I'll bet your an american sony fanboy though aren't you? Why not pack your stuff and move to Japan where you belong? This country certainly doesn't need you.

Maddens Raiders3668d ago

so by your incredibly ignorant, xenophobic, and racist statement we should believe that MS reperesents all Americans or American power? Not only that, but that Americans should invest in a never-ending breakbox? I guess we should all drive Fords, Chevy's and Dodges too huh? Great thinking there brainiac -- No wonder the country is going to shyt.

Obama 2008

DarkSniper3668d ago

Please be sure to report Genuine's comments as offensive. His comments are unwarranted and is a clear insult to American citizens worldwide. Hatred like this should not be tolerated on N4G. It's one thing to insult a person's console preference, but it's clearly prohibited to insult one's nationality. With your efforts, Genuine's bubbles can be reduced and/or his account can be banned.


cr33ping_death3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

genuine.....your an idiot.

edit: @ maddens......damn that cracks me up every single time. she must be related to our buddy genuine there and "such as".

Genuine3668d ago

I guess everything you people said about me, can also be applied to the majority of the people in Japan. It's called nationalism kids, not racism. Supporting your country, in other words.

chrno63668d ago

then shut up and buy ur American made stuff. You don't have to spill your bull about how others are unamerican by not buying American products!

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gamesblow3668d ago

Maybe if Microsoft would put this SLOP DONG in charge of selling to them asians... We could get some systems sold over there.

Sit back, relax and I hope you enjoy the show...

Be sure to check out all his absurd $#it... You won't be disappointed. That guy is without a doubt the biggest CRICKET D*ck walkin' the land. I owe me finding him to the female equivalent of him "Sadie" AKA "Ultraneko"

DarkSniper3668d ago

Dark Sniper finds Saide very humorous and unintentionally cute. However, her reviewing last generation games have become quite stagnant.


wageslave3668d ago

Which is something lost on the masses here @ N4G. Competition is *good*. These companies -- neither Sony nor Microsoft -- is going to just give-up on their products and markets.

MS has a success in America and Europe, they are going to use that success to keep trying in Asia.

Same as Sony, they've taken a beating in America and EU, they're just not going to give up and stay happy with Japan.

This generation is vastly different than the last one, just as the 6th was different than the 5th.

Markets change.

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