Don’t Waste Time Hating on DLC

"Downloadable content obviously has its downsides, and I myself have repeatedly pointed to it as a huge problem for the industry. It seems like a way for developers to quickly cash in or milk a successful game to death—and that’s all true, in most cases. However, DLC is nothing new, and we’ll probably never see it disappear. It’s a permanent installment of gaming and has been since the beginning of time—but why exactly has it popped up in the gaming industry, of all forms of entertainment?"

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TheMasterShake2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

i honestly don't spend much on money on DLC tbh. i mostly just buy singleplayer content like fallout 3 & GTA IV. multiplayer content i hardly buy ever the only games i've bought all MP DLC for were COD 4, Modern Warfare 2, Uncharted 2, Red Dead Redemption, & Resident Evil 5 but thats it. i don't play much Multiplayer.

Yi-Long2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

... unless it's great value for money and/or on sale.

I bought both DLC packs for TrialsHD when they were on sale, and I think that's the only DLC I bought this gen.

I also bought Episodes of Liberty City, but that was the retail version. And that was content that was well worth the money.

For the most part, DLC makes me spend LESS on a game, not more. Games I would otherwise buy for full-price, I now skip or wait till they hit the bargain-bin, as soon as DLC is announced for it.

Waiting usually pays off.

I would have bought Modnation Racers at launch if it hadn't been for the DLC-milking. Now I bought a new copy for 3 euro last weekend.

This morning I picked up a new copy of Gears of War 2 GOTY. 5 euro.

I did the same with Forza 3 Ultimate Edition (8 euro), Fable 2 GOTY (12 euro), Fallout 3 GOTY (15 euro), etc etc.

BrutallyBlunt2086d ago

A lot of DLC is centered around online play so waiting won't necessarily pay off because by that time there could be a lot less people playing it.

DLC can be a wonderful tool and keep games fresh and exciting long after they are released. The problem is they have to charge more because you essentially have less consumers who are likely to buy it and it does cost money to make DLC. Some may argue the DLC should be included in the first place but a lot of times the game is set for a scheduled release and the DLC isn't ready by the cut-off. You can always add content even to games most think is worth $60 already. There is no magic formula to how much content a game has to have or how long it has to be.

I don't see DLC as the enemy, i see it as another way developers can stay intact with existing fans. It's purely up to the consumer to decide whether the game and the DLC is worth it. We know some developers will take advantage of DLC but again that is up to the consumer to decide. What is apparent is the cost to make these games has grown substantially so it only makes sense to try new things to keep the studios alive.

showtimefolks2086d ago

I buy single layer dlc only and that's even for some games most of the times I pass. If there is value and price is right I like that

Many times when dlc launches it gets to be on sale but after 6-12 months the price is a regular race of $9.99 or 14.99 and never put on sale again. So a more varied sale pricing for dlc would be a welcome addition

bubblebeam2086d ago

Same. DLC is good and bad.

The good nthing is it makes a game longer (single or MP dlc).

The bad thing is many developers take advantage of this and lock it on disc and charge too much.

A perfect example of; "With great power comes great responsibility". Too bad many publishers forget the responsibilty part...... :(

abzdine2086d ago

i dont hate them i just ignore those rip off methods they exist and i'm very happy gamer without them.

Somebody2086d ago

I made a mistake and bought the Gold and Silver Triad DLCs for Sleeping Dogs the other days. I must've misread the description and thought they are extra missions/quests to help you gain more/extra XPs (-5 Police XPs for being clumsy...really? The Triad don't seem to mind if you bungled 100 jumps but the HK police sure does demand a high physical standard for their snitches).

Anyway, I discovered later that those DLCs not only give me extra XPs but automatically upgraded my skills except for the Kungfu ones that require the statues. I was torn between relief (the game is slightly easier now)and annoyance (the games is too easy now).

vortis2086d ago

Almost happened to me, too with Saints Row.

I almost bought a pack that boosted XP and unlocks. You're basically paying for cheats now. I remember back in the day when you put in Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, A, B to unlock crap.

Now you pay for cheats.

Somebody2086d ago

Yes, it does feel kinda paying for cheats.

I like to progress my XPs at my own pace. It's much more satisfying to see all your work paid off and you get to try out each new upgrades at a time. Now with every mission completion I see the already full upgrade bars just flashed uselessly telling me I've achieved something that are already unlocked thanks to the DLCs. Feels kinda empty.

I was really hoping there would be tons of extra missions with the DLC but I get a number beat-the-time driving missions instead. At least I still got the statutes for the Kungfu upgrades to collect and the main story to finish.

Other than that I spend most of my time flying kick pedestrians around, then door slamming the paramedics who came to rescue them and led the cops in a wild goose chase around town. (I do worry though: I was driving in real life the other day and I was frantically pressing an imaginary Ram button on the steering wheel whenever I see motorcycles in front of me).

Getowned2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

what ever happend to cheat codes, they where fun back in the day. making my characters head 50x bigger, fly mode, money cheats where always fun made me feel like a rich snob who could buy anything. I normaly only used cheats after I beat the game, because I like my first paly through to be serious.

yeahokchief2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

"praising the companies that don't use it"

From Software

Also props to THQ for giving the dlc for Darksiders 2 for free if you bought on release off their store. This should be the new standard.

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