Edge Preview: Conflict: Denied Ops

Edge writes, As the Conflict series has brought itself into the present, it seems to have lost interest in keeping step with real-world events.

This time around you have the option to switch between firstperson control of either Graves or Lang, a pair of surly wise-cracking killing machines whose odd-couple banter begins to grate before the first shot is fired. Though the squad has halved in number, responsibilities are still divided between teammates – initially, Graves' sniper rifle is your only effective long-range weapon, while gunner Lang's light machine gun is essential in close-quarters action.

Though streamlining control is worthwhile, at this stage of development there are still a few teething problems recognizing your exact request. Besides which, squad commands can only be as good as the AI used to execute them, and there are occasions when the AI exasperates – failing to appreciate the need for cover when under fire from a tank, for example, or demonstrating a frustrating reluctance to enter a vehicle. On the whole, however, there seems little need to babysit your buddy, who is no less lethal when out of your control, and seems to have a decent survivability when acting autonomously.

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picker3323820d ago

The graphic in this game is like a ps2 game.Plus it has so slow gameplay.

Cyrus3653820d ago

Yeah I don't see this game doing well...

riksweeney3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

I played the demo for less than 5 minutes before dismissing it as a sub par run of the mill shooter.

There are far too many shooters this generation and unless they're really outstanding I'm simply not going to bother.

travelguy2k3820d ago

and graphically i thought it lacked a bit, i was not impressed. Also the control took some getting used to. But after i had played through the demo, i found that dispite these shortcomings...i still had fun, and in the end regardless of graphics, that is the point... 7.5/10 for me.

stuntman_mike3820d ago

i agree graphics were quiet poor but once i got into the game it played really well,by no means an outstanding game but with a friend this will be a laugh.