Erotic game ‘Seduce Me’ kicked off Steam

An erotic indie game entitled Seduce Me wont be seducing anyone on Steam since it’s been taken down after being submitted via Steam Greenlight.

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claud32057d ago

Damn right, if these so called creator's can make a game with that title. Its shows they need to stop pulling on the escape button and go out and get a real woman in the real world

DarkBlood2057d ago

well lets be fair to the men and women in some cases they cant just go to a real women and expect them to fall in place lol at least with whatever the game is they cant be denied :P

people pull some high standards these days anyway

yess2057d ago

It's just a game, like any other game, i can't see a problem just because it's about sex.

Unless it's a shitty game.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

"shows they need to stop pulling on the escape button and go out and get a real woman in the real world"

Your absolutely right!! The rule applies to every genre right? Think of the possibilities! :O You've inspired me!

*Grabs GTA game & throws it out the window*
*Grabs AK-47*

I think i'll go steal a real car :D

*Steals a car*
*hits pedestrian*
*crashes into a tree & comes crashing out the windshield*


Thnx alot :(

PixL2057d ago

So, the avatar of yours is your real life girlfriend?

DeadlyFire2057d ago

Is there not an 18+ rating inside the ESRB and other rating boards across the world? Surely most games like this are banned from public eye, but they still exist. If ever pushed into the spotlight it would sell. The only problem is that game platforms, and stores strictly stay away from AO rated games. Not one of them have a system for AO rated games.

There has never been a quality AAA game developed at the AO level, but if they broke that barrier then platforms would have to start selling it. Stores might not, but a digital distributor or site might.

Muffins12232057d ago

I like the cosplay costume for your pic......

cleft52057d ago

Says the dude with the avatar that has big boobs. Also your statement just shows your ignorance. Your comment is like saying anyone who watches porn is single, afraid to talk to a girl, and live in his parents basement. While that may be true for some, the reality is that married couples, people in long-term relationships, and straight and gay people look at porn too. If anything this game was a quick money grab.

On another note it's not okay for the PC platform to be this heavily censored and it does show one of the major problems with Steam. If I, as an adult, want to play this type of game than I should be able to do so. I don't need to be protected by Gabe Newell. Oh and the argument that they pulled this because children might buy this is unacceptable. If that is the case then they should get rid of all the M-Rated titles too.

aliengmr2057d ago

Steam does not equal the entire PC platform. If you want a porn game you can get it in other places besides Steam.

If you ran a photo studio should you be forced to do pornography?

I don't disagree with your previous point just that Valve not selling porn is, somehow, a problem.

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bubblebeam2057d ago

More games like these need to be made. Hell, as long as it isn't about rape, child porn whatever, I'm fine with it.

Just waiting for all the "Go out and get a REAL woman" people to show up, talking about the time they got into Kylie Minogoue's pants (obvious BS is obvious).

Different people have different tastes, so I say anything goes.

claud32057d ago

Its a pathetic game simple as

Psychotica2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

Good, glad they did! There are a lot of children that browse Steam like it's a Christmas toy catalog and dreaming about games they would like to play. They don't need to be exposed to that crap.

bubblebeam2057d ago

Yay steam can be our mother!!!

People can play whatever the FACK they want. I myself wouldn't play it, but it isn't illegal.

It's people like you who are trying to ban games ("to protect our children")..

Psychotica2057d ago

In case you haven't noticed, network television does it all the time so why should Steam be any different?

bubblebeam2056d ago


He (kostchtchie) is just saying what is true. We are getting brutally violent games (The darkness 2, Dead Island) and no-one blinks an eyelid, but as soon as something is about Sex, it's all "stop the press".

If people don't like something, then ignore it, simple as that. What if you were in a world where you loved something, and thought it was perfectly safe/normal, and everyone else said you weren't allowed to enjoy it just because they don't like it??

The point is, this game wouldn't harm a soul, yet people make such a fuss over it. Blows my mind sometimes.

kostchtchie_2057d ago

no lets have them exposed to violent games with guns blood and gore right? but when it comes to sex hell no?

the irony of peoples attitude amazes me

Psychotica2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

Who said blood and gore was ok for children??

vork772057d ago

its a game its like kicking off the witcher 2 for showing boobs

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