Joe Danger 2 Goes Gold, Out Sometime This Month

Hello Games has confirmed that their upcoming release, Joe Danger 2: The Movie, has gone gold. The XBox 360 launch is expected later this month, with a PS3 released confirmation soon to follow.

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Yi-Long1907d ago

...the first game was absolutely brilliant.

Can't wait!

xPhearR3dx1907d ago

First game was very MEH. Then again, I think I was spoiled with Trials.

JellyJelly1907d ago

I think both of them are good in their own ways, and I can't wait to get Joe Danger 2.

Yi-Long1907d ago

... and I absolutely love both Trials as well as Joe Danger.

That's just how amazingly huge my heart is.

Axonometri1907d ago

Tis good news... good news. Now to wait or just purchase on XBLA?

killerhog1907d ago

Well I'm glad its time exclusive rather than what we initially thought as exclusive since MS loves throwing "exclusive" onto everything to lie to consumers. Still won't be getting it as I did part one since its MS time exclusive. We made them so show love and make your games ps3 exclusive or time exclusive first!

Blankman851907d ago

Translation: It's okay when SONY does it, horrible when Microsoft does it.

testerg351907d ago

I couldn't even translate what he said.

BigStef711907d ago

Wasn't the first one exclusive psn for a little while then got released on xbla. So the sequel is getting released on 360 first now? Someone care to explain?

testerg351907d ago

When its exclusive to Sony, what's the reasoning?

Caffo011907d ago

Joe danger 1 incoming for ps plus!