The Xbox 360 Elite laptop: Ben Heck strikes again

Engadget thinks it's possible that the time has come to admit that Ben Heck (aka Benjamin Heckendorn) has officially taken it to the limit, put the pedal to the metal, and a large number of other cliches that suggest something has been pushed just about as far as you can take it. That's right folks -- it's the Xbox 360 Elite laptop.

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pwnsause3821d ago

someone please get this guy to M$ so he can slim down their consoles that way they can be RROD free, and that way I can buy one.

Graphics by ATi3821d ago


The thing still weighs the same. In fact....isn't it heavier?

Skerj3821d ago

The first one looked more professional, I'd still pick one up if it were the same price as a 360 and had tv out.

Graphics by ATi3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

I mean....I wouldn't bother getting this because it still boasts the aesthetics of a cardboard box.

However....a PS2-laptop could be EXTREMELY slim and would be really fun to have....and it would weigh 3 pounds or less. Probably also with an ethernet port, slot-loading optical drive, built-in hard drive to support games like FF XI, a nice little LCD screen...


Although, the PSP pretty much fulfills that role anyways, minus the right thumbstick.


thedude176553821d ago

if that thing rrod? its not like you can send it back in for repairs or be replaced, it would make more sense if he did it to something that would last longer than 8 months.

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