5 Games That Know How To Use DLC writes: While we are well aware that a number of developers have gone as far as holding back gameplay elements for DLC after the release, we're also aware of the fact that some DLC actually enhances your gaming experience. So here's five games that truly show us what DLC should be.

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Relientk771869d ago

From this list, Portal 2 because the DLC was free

guitarded771869d ago

Love me some free DLC. Hell, I don't actually mind paying for it either if it's good. Full expansions like Undead Nightmare are worth the price of admission.

dasbeer881869d ago

Don't forget The Witcher 2.

DryPancake1869d ago

I'm surprised Borderlands isn't on the list.

When Gearbox saw that the fans hated the ending they made Knoxx's Armory and gave the players all the loot that they were promised but didn't get.

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zeal0us1869d ago

Fallout3 GoTY edition was money well spent.

Relientk771869d ago

I'm still thinking of picking that up

MattyG1869d ago

Best $20 you'll spend on a game this year. I have about 100 hours in it and still haven't done everything.

Burnin1869d ago

better yet... get it from steam for about $15 tops. Mod it to hell & you'll get one of the best current-gen gaming experiences EVER!

Doing it with New Vegas right now and I've lost almost 150 hrs and counting

raiden-491869d ago

You could also do this for oblivion which is pretty fun when you put mods on it.

R_aVe_N1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

I agree Borderlands had some of the best DLC. I would say Fallout 3 had good DLC but I kept loosing game saves so I didn't finish them, and just so dang glitchy.

EverydayGuy1869d ago

Gran Turismo 5 should be on the list

StreetsofRage1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

Their is a huge difference between a game with great DLC and a game that was half assed with DLC. GT5 falls in the latter category.

Anyways, Fallout 3 had the best DLC this gen!

raiden-491869d ago

The Pit on PS3 is one of the worst piece of DLC I have played because it was so glitchy and I lost my save file 0nce or twice lucky i backed it up but still set me back 2hrs, don't get me wrong the rest are really great.

StreetsofRage1869d ago

Yeah that sucks. The ps3 has a hard time with huge open worlds like Fallout 3 and Skyrim. Their were no problems with the 360 version.

claud31869d ago

Fallout 3 dlc's were awsome and well used in the game

markoghc1869d ago

Agree, although my opinion is that New Vegas DLCs were even better.

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