Zone of the Enders HD Collection Is a Visual Masterpiece - GOS

GOS: " With vibrant colors and detailed environments the finished product does not look like a game that debuted on the Playstation 2."

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Whitefeather1784d ago

That's all fine and dandy but when is it releasing?! There hasn't been an official release date yet we need it.

mewhy321783d ago

This could end up getting bumped to ps4. The Last Guardian syndrome.

Psycho_Mantis1783d ago

Last i herd its 30th October.

Magic_Spatula1784d ago

I cannot wait for this. One of the best series on the PS2, though very underrated.

Fyflin1784d ago

Good to hear! Can't stand lazy HD ports. I'm sure it will look incredible on the Vita.

himdeel1783d ago

The Vita is where I want to play this game.

SirBradders1784d ago

Loved it on the ps2 can't believe how underated it is, armoured core fans should defo pick this up.

wishingW3L1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

is underrated because the first game was average so people didn't gave a chance to the second one which was the really good one.

josephayal1783d ago

ZONE OF THE ENDERS, Welcome to the XBOX 360

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