Guild Wars 2 CPU Benchmarks Hit The Web

For those of you who are obsessed with getting the maximum performance out of your gaming, it would appear that new information has hit the web about Guild Wars 2 CPU performances will have you checking your specs.

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kefkah1961d ago

For the record, I am having to rethink my rig due to one of the results. :S

ATi_Elite1961d ago

INTEL is the way to go at this point in time! AMD has absolutely nothing to compete with.

I love AMD but even i had to face reality, INTEL is just Lord and Master when it comes to CPU's.

Treian1961d ago

A CPU brand is a CPU brand. They are all pretty much the same to an average gaming PC geek. I have a AMD and run Guild Wars 2 on High with 40-60 fps.

DeadlyFire1960d ago

Well AMD is the smaller of the two, but if true they have secured console deals and are working with IBM to produce the chips for them AMD might take a new leap in a year or two.

AMD is decent for mid-range CPU. Intel has the High end locked down.

kefkah1961d ago

Not exactly how sure how someone disgrees with me having to rethink my rig but ok... :)

Griffin48711960d ago

You're sensitive. No offense, bro.

3-4-51960d ago can anybody who's never met you know what you need to do ? People are weird.

NYC_Gamer1961d ago

Intel smashes AMD performance wise

TABSF1961d ago

Well Intel been ahead of the game since Core 2 series Now with Core i (Ivy bridge its no contest)

When AMD old Phenom II X4 and X6 can still match the FX 4cores and 6cores you know something is wrong.

PhunnyJesta1961d ago

AMD is still nice for those budget rigs out there, 70 bucks cheaper for FX-4170 then the i5 SB @ 3ghz and I could imagine just a few frames under the i5

kingduqc1960d ago

I don't know who people goes with something els then an i5 really...

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