XP remains king according to Valve hardware survey

Valve's ongoing hardware survey on Steam received an update today and they netted some interesting results. With over 1 million unique samples, the survey gives a neat insight on the number of different hardware setups used around the world.

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jaja14343849d ago

Not really surprising, you could do the same thing with almost anything somewhat new.

mighty_douche3849d ago

Who's surprised?

The people who take part in Steam Survey's like me are PC gamers, gamers dont want Vista, M$ promised it as the new gaming platform that will increase how well your games/hardware run, unfortunately, like alot of M$ promises, it turned out to be a complete lie!

SaiyanFury3849d ago

Vista was supposed to be the new horizon, but proved more of an obstacle. A great many PC users who are tech schooled avoid Vista like the plague. I have a bit of Vista experience myself. After 2 months of a factory installation on my laptop, Vista ate my antivirus, and corrupted my touchpad drivers on my laptop. I since reformatted it and installed Windows XP. Since then it's worked very well. I will not deny that Vista works for some people, but for me as well many others, it failed miserably.

BludoTheSmelly3849d ago

Yeah vista is a work in progress for the moment. I think I will wait till the 2nd service pack before i reinstall it again.