PS3 Version Of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Requires 7.5 GB Of Hard Drive Space

According to a package shot revealed on, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will require a 7.5 GB of space on your PS3 hard drive.

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MaximusPrime1924d ago


Thanks for the heads up....

GribbleGrunger1924d ago

LOL... yeah, I know what you mean

Abash1924d ago

7.5 gigs that are well spent! Cant wait to play TTT2!

MAJ0R1924d ago

Just saying, that's an insane install size.

MaxXAttaxX1924d ago

So far, installs for Tekken and Street Fighter have been optional.
We'll see.

Overall, this game seems to be bigger and better than Tekken 6.

Awesome_Gamer1924d ago

Not as big as Max Payne 3's Xbox 360 instal size (15.1GB)..

mewhy321923d ago

There are 'NO' mandatory installs for 360 games. All installs are optional. PS3 , on the other hand, often require mandatory installs. I really don't understand why the santa monica studio and Naughty Dog can make such great games without the need for these massive installs and no one else seems to be able to.

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krisq1924d ago

Good! Short loading times for everything!

Blankman851924d ago ShowReplies(1)
krisq1924d ago

So far it was always optional in every Tekken or Soul Calibur game.

Ares84HU1924d ago

7.5GB???? That's a lot. Good thing I got a 750GB HDD in my PS3. But to have these huge installs, I hope it will improve the game a lot as far as loading times go.

DoomeDx1924d ago

750 GB?!?!?!

Damn man, i thought my 320GB HDD was more then enough. and that comes from a PSN+ user lol.

what are you doing with that high amount of space?

Ares84HU1924d ago

I'm a PS+ member as well. I got tons of games. Lost count but close to 70 PSN/PS3 games that I downloaded plus I got about 60 PS1 classics. Something like that. Also, I never delete saved game files and installs in case I feel like playing older games. My PS3 hard disc copy collection is 289 as it stands and all those games need space on the HDD. I don't want to download patches for 20 minutes if someone comes over and want's to check out some of my games.

ChronoJoe1924d ago

Me too. I've got 160 PSN games now and out of space on my 750GB.

specialguest1924d ago

I remember back in 2008 when MGS4 was discovered to have nearly a 5gb install. Many were shocked, but was okay with it since it was a AAA budget/production game. Now a days, it seems like lesser games have bigger installs, some even mandatory.

hkgamer1924d ago

i know what you mean, but i wasn't too fussed about installation size for games i know i will like. i hated mgs4 because of the inbetween installations, wish i could have installed the whole thing at once.

I do feel that installation for fighting games is a good idea since it speeds up the loading time, even though its only a few seconds faster. also people playing online will have the same load time which is a plus.

tarbis1924d ago

what brand are you using? o.o

MrWonderful1924d ago

My 1 terabyte HDD laughs at this 7.5 install.

BigStef711924d ago

I got a question does upgrading with 750 gb hard drive cause problems? Because ive been reading on newegg under customer reviews that the games stutter and become choppy

Ares84HU1923d ago

Not true. I noticed no problems so far and I have that 750GB HDD for almost two years.

iWishTifaWasReal1924d ago

tss... 7.5GB?

Gran Turismo 5 size is more than 10GB.

and i only have the 120GB PS3 version -,-

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blackmamba7071924d ago

it's a good sign actually, loading times in Tekken 6 were horrible

Tito081924d ago

True, but that's if you didn't do the optional installation, same thing Capcom did with SF4, I had to go to the options to do those installs cause as you said, the loading times were horrible, I don't mind doing the installation since it can only be done once!!!!

hkgamer1924d ago

yeah, hated playing against people that didnt install. just makes me wait that little bit longer than normal

Holeran1924d ago

I have enough space on my 320 gig ps3 but i might have to get rid of some old things on my 160 gig.

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