Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter! Who is ahead in all-time sales?

Mortal Kombat and Street fighter have been going at it since the SNES and Genesis days. You bought a SNES for Street Fighter 2 and you bought the Genesis for the blood effect in Mortal Kombat. Back then Nintendo was the clear victor in the Console war. But which Fighting series has prevailed over the years?

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Shok1844d ago

MK for life. SF is awesome too though, of course.

Awesome_Gamer1844d ago

Mortal Kombat is way better, way way better...

Omnislash1843d ago

Street Fighter has ALOT more hype at tournaments, and it pretty much revolutionized the fighting game genre. Mortal Kombat is all gimmicks! oooh blood and gore! Yeah that can only go so far. Street Fighter has better gameplay mechanics and characters and moves than Mortal Kombat, MK is loved by casuals only a casual would say that MK is better than Street Fighter.

Samus HD1843d ago

the Capcom VS series for me in general..
but for this two options, MK of course

doogiebear1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

The Arc System's games like: Guilty Gear/Blaz Blue/Persona Arena, etc are WAY better, way more technical, yet user friendly with all of it's deeply stacked mechanics. Just because SF and MK are more well known, doesn't mean they are that great.

On topic: I think Capcom screwed up by mixing SF 2 and SF3 characters in SF4, without factoring the fact that FS 3 characters rely on parry's, are less reliant on fireballs, and are far more technical. It's a struggle using Makoto (for one example) in SF 4 because of the inbalances in the game (like Zangief). Caracters like Blanka and E.Honda also dominate the scene despite too.

I mean, Justin Beaber and Soulja Boy get a lot of sales, but they're talentless compared to real, quality [sometimes independent] artists/musicians.

Hatsune-Miku1844d ago

Which one is better or has scorpion?

prototypeknuckles1844d ago

i like MK more it has sub-zero, jade, and scorpion, sorry SF

LOL_WUT1844d ago

MK hands down. Better story, better characters, fatalities and so on.

garos821844d ago

agree on better story, fatalities and so on but in terms of characters and gameplay Street fighter all the way. Street fighter alpha 3 is my favourite fighter of all time

Mighty Boom1844d ago

Does anyone know how to download and SNES emulator onto Windows 7? I've tried, but failed so far.

Mighty Boom1844d ago

I figured it out. 13 disagrees? lololololololol

one2thr1844d ago

Yeah you gotta be very careful on this website lol

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