Pirates of the Burning Sea - AceGamez Review

"These brave and new interpretations of familiar ideas are what sets Pirates of the Burning Sea apart from a great many other MMOs out at the moment. It's far from a perfect game - some niggling bugs still need to be worked out and areas such as the swordplay aspect and in particular the user interface that can at times be far to unwieldy for the amount of icons you have to do deal with, can spoil things - and it's doubtful that it will topple any of the big names of the genre, as some of its features may be a little off putting to some. However, it is a game worth investing in, if not for the fact that it offers something significantly different to the countless other fantasy-based massively online games out there already, then certainly for its excellent ship to ship combat, in-depth economic structure and staggering freedom of choice. And it's a Pirates game online - if that hasn't sold you on it then quite frankly nothing will."

Reviewed by Kieron Giacopazzi for AceGamez

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