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Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes vs. Metal Gear Solid 4 character model comparison

A few comparison screens have been revealed, taking a look at the character model in Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes against Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

ps3rider  +   967d ago
old snake vs old naked
i know koji is puting the plot but when he is old ??
HammadTheBeast  +   966d ago
? This is a sequel to Peace Walker...
doogiebear  +   966d ago
Yes, think of it as Peace Walker 2, but even more open of a world, and an even larger campaign (even though PW was large enough as it is). The open world nature will provide lots of gameplay opportunities.
abzdine  +   966d ago
@donbear : Or NOT !

I think it's too early to talk about gameplay. I don't really like the thing with the helicopter i dont find that realistic at all. He puts a flare the helicopter comes right away nobody notices anything while the game is a tactical espionnage game.
On PSP it was ok it's not that realistic anyway but in this one i dont think they did that right. Open world will for sure have some bad things in it.
J_Cob  +   962d ago

Considering it has Chico and it's Big Boss it looks to be a sequel to Peace Walker.
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J_Cob  +   962d ago

Yea, because a guy that has telepathic powers(Psycho Mantis - MGS1), a guy that controls hornets(The Pain - MGS3) and soldiers that can't see past a few feet in front of them is realistic. Amongst a ton of other things like ghosts and a cyborg ninja. It's like you've never played a MGS game before.
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Kronus  +   966d ago
Thats not solid snake its Big Boss
Irishguy95   966d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(13)
DasBunker  +   966d ago
MGSGZ was presented using a PC and it's an unfinished project, while MGS4 is a 4 year old game.

Plus you gotta take into account amount of in game details MGS4 had, cutscenes length/sound etc VS MGSGZ when it's released.

Retarded comparison.
BitbyDeath  +   966d ago
Cutscenes were all inengine, it's the length/sound that'll be the real problem for DVD's.

Who knows maybe this'll just be a shorter game being a leadup to MGS5.
just_looken  +   966d ago

The days of dvd holding us back are going away alot of recent games are coming out on 2 or more dvd's so kojima could put the new mgs on 3 or 4 dvd's.
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LocutusEstBorg  +   966d ago
Simply running the exact same assets on a PC will result in vastly superior image quality by an order of magnitude with perfect filtering of textures at every angle and perfect anti-aliasing with zero jaggies.
JokesOnYou  +   966d ago
Well what do you know, a new game looks better than its predecessor. lol, why are people surprised? I don't think anybody expects any less from most devs, especially a top tier one like Kojima. PC or not MGS GZ will obviously look better than MGS4 on both PS3 & 360, only a delusional fanboy would think otherwise. I like MGS4 but honestly the long cutscenes and convoluted story was a bore for me, started skipping stuff towards the middle and I very rarely skip anything in a game but Kojima's story telling just isn't my cup of tea. Love the game play though, lol maybe the 360 version will have "summarized" cutscenes, I'll take it.
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Eyesoftheraven  +   966d ago
This is a big deal because this wasn't an Uncharted 1 to 2 leap in fidelity; this looks more like a generational leap in fidelity.
cj1pate101  +   966d ago
You also do realize what hideo had promised with mgs4? You remember all the talk of working with factions to get objectives u needed. Let us not forgot that horrible tgs 05 pre rendered trailer. Seeing as how most ps3 fan boys would think this trailer was running off a ps3, I think it's reasonable to compare the two just to get idea of the changes made dont you? Ones running off a ps2 ones runnin off a pc. It would make sense to see what the fox engine could really do?
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Xperia_ion  +   966d ago
That trailer was running on a PC, comparison is pointless.
cj1pate101  +   966d ago
Read my comment please -.-.
Xperia_ion  +   966d ago
I did and no. Generalizing is fun isn't it ? I do it too sometimes
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TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   965d ago
yes it was running on a pc but someone at the show stated that the pc was using hardware at the same spec as a ps3
Transporter47  +   966d ago
Wait do you mean the "New" engine is better then the "old" engine who would of thought lolz
Kyosuke_Sanada   966d ago | Trolling | show
Eyesoftheraven  +   966d ago
I don't believe for one second that it will look close to what was shown on current consoles. It will look the same being the same exact experience, but in terms of the high fidelity assets, animations, and lighting, all under 1080p— there's not a chance in high hell.
BelieveinGhosts   966d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
stonecold3  +   966d ago
i would say mgs 4 will be better because i think with ground zero if its multiplatform i think its going to be held back by the 360?
hkgamer  +   966d ago
if the console versions looked anything like the trailer than it would trump mgs4. textures in 4 was pretty ugly, especially the octo camo suit.
gtaiv & v screenshots proves that 360 is capable or even better than the ps3. only worry would be its disk size for the audio and cutscenes. i would love ground zero to have atleast 10+ hours of cutscenes and random useless codec calls. thats what makes mgs what it is.
cj1pate101  +   966d ago
Don't forget snake walking through a microwave lulz.
abzdine  +   966d ago
just like FF13 did. I'm very sceptical, VERY !
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TheKayle  +   966d ago
why still ppl talk about dvds? this game will go out for x720 and ps4...
Sarcasm  +   966d ago
Despite the PS3 and Xbox360 logo at the end of the trailer, I don't see why you guys keep thinking this will be out on new consoles.
TheKayle  +   966d ago
coz we all know what ps3 and xbox r capable of ...uncharted 3 and last of us ..gears and halo r the top of the notch on both console and that games r nothing compared to this mgs zeroes demo...or u r all blind or i dont know what.....that two console cant put out that graphics...end it.....in fact him showed it on a pc
stuna1  +   966d ago
Yes it was on pc, but he also said it was using ps3 assets!

Even in the event it does go to next gen ps4 & xbox 720 or what have you, that does not automatically disqualify it from appearing on this gens machines.

Also at the end of the trailer it's shown to have xbox 360 live, ps3 and pc logos.
sharkraiden0  +   966d ago
PC logo?
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   965d ago
kojima the creator of the game said its coming to ps3 and xbox 360 also xbox 360 uses dvd and ps3 uses blue ray so the ps3 uses less dics because blu ray can store more data
Belking  +   966d ago
Snake is back and on 360 too... Great news for xbox360 only owners. I'm glad Konami went with a multi-plat release for this one. The more people get to play it, the better. I'm excited to play this game.
units  +   966d ago
Even at the time MGS4 graphics looked bad
AdmiralSnake  +   966d ago
Actually... MGS4 was highly praised for it's graphics and how polished the game was. If you believe it looked bad, I wonder what your standard on graphics might be lmao.
BelieveinGhosts  +   966d ago
I finished playing MGS 4 on my PS3 a couple of years ago and i know that the Xbox 360 could easily handle it. The only problem would have been the multiple DVD's needed to play MGS 4 because of the DVD's smaller storage capacity.

However i believe that Hideo Kojima can solve this problem in 3 ways.

1: Shorten the Cut scenes of MGS:GZ. Instead of having cut scenes that could last for 45 minuteslike in MGS 4, the duration of cut scenes in MGS:GZ should be 15 minutes maximum.

2: Use in game graphics for cut scenes in MGS:GZ. It was clear that Kojima used enhanced CGI graphics in MGS 4 because he wanted it to look and feel like a Movie.

3: This game is going to release in late 2013 and there are many new methods of fitting a very large game into a DVD or Blu Ray. An extra chunk of the game which would not fit into a DVD could be installed digitally through Xbox LIVE or physically with an extra DVD into the Hard Drive of the Xbox 360.
I am also sure that compression techniques are now so advanced in the gaming industry that it no longer affects the quality of a game.

C'mon, if GTA 5 is multi platform and releasing on both Xbox 360 and PS3. Then it is obvious that MGS:GZ will be able to run properly from a DVD.

In addition, i wonder if MGS:GZ will have both KINECT and Move support?
And i hope that the FOX engine is similar to the Unreal Engine in that it allows a faster development time during game production. I hope we get to play this great looking game in 2013 and not 2014 because Japanese developers are known to take their time e.g. Polyphony Digital, Square Enix etc.

I find it very interesting that Kojima didn't announce Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero to be released on the Wii U, after all, Nintendo insists that the Wii U is a next gen console.
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Reggonoy   966d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(2)
Imalwaysright  +   966d ago
MGS4 CGI what? Go play the game again and save the game before a cutscene. Then play the same cutcene twice but make sure that the second time you have different camo or mask from the 1st time. You'll be in for a surprise.
waltyftm  +   965d ago
Well said.
fanboygamer  +   966d ago
Agree and disagree with your comment/opinion. Not saying you are wrong, just saying I have a difference of opinion and no one is right/wrong.

1. I believe that long drawn out cutscenes is what makes MGS great. Fans of MGS loved the long cutscenes and codec conversations. So I hope they do not cut the content, actually I hope the conversations can go on for longer.

2. I believe only a couple of scenes were pre-rendered(in-game engine) just so it could cut loading times. All the other scenes were running on PS3 and the prove is the octo camouflage suits and masks.

3. Agree completely with this point, there has been games that had an optional installation for 360 so that it can run smoother or have better textures. However, I am not sure if any 360 game required an installation to play the game (except for FFXI).

As for games being quickly produced using this engine. I hope that it happens, I don't mind waiting for games, but sometimes they take too long. Versus XIII, GT5, ICO game(cant even remember what it is called).

WiiU will probably get Ground Zero, just depends on how long dev kits has been given to KojiPro to optimise the engine for the console. I'm sure Konami will be forcing Kojima to release on that console anyway.
BigStef71  +   966d ago
Yea not possible. Kojima said he had to use a full dual layer 50GB blu ray disc and that the game was built from the ground up on the ps3 using close to 100% of its power. I imagine the new game which is gonna be larger than 4 is gonna use have to use a shit ton of discs for 360 hell it might be so big two blu rays will be needed for the very first time in ps3s history lol
TotalHitman  +   966d ago
You're not a true fan of Metal Gear, if you don't like the 45 minute cutscenes.
Tito08  +   966d ago
@ Believeinghost_ I see you don't know who is Hideo Kojima... None of the Metal Gear games required CGI graphics, none of them, & that really includes MGS1 as well, very misinformed man!!!!

You said Japanese Devs are known to take their time, that could be true, but didn't you forget there was Starcraft 2 & Duke Nukem Forever, from western devs, it took them 12 & 13 years respectively, more than a decade, Starcraft turned out good, but the same couldn't be said about Duke Nukem!!!!!!!
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2pacalypsenow   966d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
taquito  +   966d ago
next gen and pc will be the only way to see the game look like the trailer

last gen ps3/360 ain't gonna cut it
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Quiescent   966d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(2)
Silly gameAr  +   966d ago
Truly says something about a games quality when you compare a 4 year old game to a game that hasn't even been released yet. Kojima should be proud.
holdenvkv8   966d ago | Offensive
TheDivine  +   966d ago
WHO GIVES A SHIT ITS MORE MGS! Kojima couldve said it was over and done with (although Solids story is done Big Boss and Boss still have plenty to go imo). It deserves the bigger audience of the 360 and pc.
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urwifeminder   966d ago | Off topic | show
OldSnakePS3  +   966d ago
this game should be a PS3/PS4 exclusive and kojima should use 2 blurays giving us 100 gb of metal gear awesomeness with NOTHING being cut out due to other platforms limits

a guy can still dream rite?
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ricksjames83  +   966d ago
Ps3 and vita for me. metal gear solid hd collection is just too good on the vita.
bahabeast  +   966d ago
why do they keep saying specs close to a ps3??? why not close to consoles?? it is miltiplatform
Actually that is a lie..

He actually said ps3 and xbox 360.

Miss translation by fanboys. pc version it is!
Kronus  +   966d ago
I really hope that you people understand that's not the original snake we all know from MGS1,2,3,4 and realize it's "Big Boss" if you followed the art work and storyline solid,liquid and more were clones of Big Boss aka Snake the eye patch and features are a dead give away.
before the MGS series there were 2 more metal gears and the 2nd which is called "snakes revenge metal gear 2: Solid snake" not to be confused with metal gear solid series... snake fought and beat Big Boss but never killed him..leading to why kojima only stated that "Snake is back" and also why he said MGS:GZ was a prologue to MGS 5 which will tie the missing part of that story. you can do the research yourself!!! just play MGS1 read the previous stories and it all ties together...Enjoy :-)
sharkraiden0  +   966d ago
anyway the story is horrible rescue PAZ? really? i hated her and i hate PAZ now i wanna kill her i want a FREE story not a linear movie stlye shit.. grow up kojima.. MGS would be better if the story would be free and not linear.. deicide to kill or not kill PAZ... etc.. like deus ex was...
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