Toshiba's Super Bowl 2008 ad: the final act of desperation?

Engadget reports, curious to know what about $3 million bought Toshiba on Super Bowl Sunday? So, what do you do when the game's over, Toshiba?


More info, from Highdefdigest: It didn't air nationally (nor was it new), but Toshiba's much-hyped Super Bowl ad did air in several markets. Although it had been expected to run nationally, it appears Toshiba instead made a targeted spot buy, with those in some markets seeing the ad, while others did not.

Meanwhile, HD DVD fans who were lucky enough to see it were disappointed to see that it wasn't a new ad, but rather a re-badged version of the football-themed spot that Toshiba has been running all season long.

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mikeslemonade3734d ago

I saw this commercial during the Pats and Charger game, but didn't see it during Superbowl 42.

C_SoL3734d ago

True. I didn't see it when watching the superbowl. By the way, I'm glad the Giants won. Fuk New England, the underdogs kicked their undefeated(not any more)asses. Also, does anyone feel as if the superbowl game was set up? Seriously, I thought the Patriots were gonna kick the Giants asses.

pwnsause3734d ago

OH yea BTW, GIANTS FTW! Epic Upset Manuever!!!

lodossrage3734d ago

I admit, I thought the Pats were gonna wipe the floor with the giants too. Especially since the Pats scored on their first drive semi easily.

But yeah, I'm glad the Giants won. They deserved this win. NOBODY on the planet gave them a chance in hell of winning this game.

Now, back on Toshiba's ad. I don't see what they thought a commercial would do for their already failing format. People were already aware of the format war situation LONG before the super bowl. So to me, this is just a waste of time and money. But Toshiba doesn't mind wasting obviously.

haloblows3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

I am glad they blow it. I hate cheaters, any kind of cheaters.

eLiNeS3734d ago

Did anyone else notice the commercial wasn't even in High Definition!?!?!?

Even though I did notice it was an HD-DVD commercial, it was terrible! The only thing I could think about after it was, "it's not even in HD!!!"

So many other commercials these days are in HD and the one that matters the most showing in HD fails. What a waist!!!!!!!!!!

moparful993734d ago

Its obvious why the pats lost... Toms offensive line played like $#!t almost every pass play he was being rushed. I dont care how good of a quaterback you are, if you have people running at you full speed your mind is on those guys and not the pass. If I was belechic I would fire the entire offensive line. To blow the most important game of the season with that kind of horid pass protection is unnaceptable.....
Anyway who else thinks that all of this money that toshiba is squandering away is actually microsofts? This is just me speculating but if a company is losing this badly why would they spend that much money to have a limited showing of an old commercial? I think that microsoft is dumping money into toshibas lap to keep prolonging this thing in order to give downloadable hd content the advantage. Its no secret that microsoft gave up on the hd-dvd format.

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Cyrus3653734d ago

Anybody see the irony about their statement? "What ya do after the 'game' is over?"

sonarus3734d ago

hahaha nice. i doubt they knw what to do at this point because going quietly into the night dosent seem like an option to them. They could have at least taken a shot at blu ray. That was probabnly their weakes commercial 2 date. looks like it was put together randomly

jwatt3734d ago

I think airing that commercial would have cost them a lot of money they don't want to waste.

Cryptech3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

that made me do a double take. Lol, it was kinda of funny. Maybe it was a subconscious slip.

*Also notice that when the announcer says "game over" the TV shows an all Blue stadium, lol. Interesting.

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rofldings3734d ago

ahahhaa, wow that was lame.

Lord Anubis3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

in what quarter did they show it? I didn't find it on the MySpace super bowl ads.

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