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Devil May Cry 4 on PC

EB Games has Devil May Cry 4 for the PC set to release 4/1/08.

EDIT: I'm sure this isn't set in stone but I never heard that DMC4 was coming for PC at all. That is the news I am trying to report. (Devil May Cry 4, PC)

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iyoten01  +   2769d ago
Old News
Capcom announced this when they announced DMC 4 would not be PS3 exclusive. This was a long time ago.
actas123  +   2769d ago
Yah thats right.
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acertainkid102  +   2769d ago
I hope that most of this is true. Last time I saw that thing it said that killzone 2 and little big planet are both coming out on my birthday(september 1st) that would be a birthday bang
jpod  +   2769d ago
I heard..
EU release is on the 8th of this month.
ohhthegore  +   2768d ago
Is the price of the PC version really only 40 bucks in the US. Thats the price they have at the gamestop website
jpod  +   2768d ago
PC games has always been cheaper than 360/PS3 games. So if it says $40, it probably will be $40.
GETPWNED  +   2768d ago
Too bad no one cares about the PC anymore.
fermcr  +   2768d ago
No one cares ???? (maybe in this site full of console fanboys)
Avto  +   2768d ago
this game started its life as a PC game not as a PS3 game so PC version is fairly obvious.

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