No More Heroes - Kombo Review

Review by Phillip Levin

"It's best said that No More Heroes delivers style over substance, and thus, its lasting appeal is greatly hurt. The story, characters, combat system, theme and the overall weird factor of the game are the main reason to check it out. However, that you must face a very poorly designed hub world to progress into No More Heroes and experience these things is unfortunate. Santa Destroy single-handedly kills No More Heroes for us, and for that, we're actually a little sad. There are elements within the game that are enjoyable, such as the boss fights and combat, but they're not worth having to play through the hub world to get to.

Buyers beware. Rent if you're curious, but we can't recommend spending $50.00 on this unpolished Wii title, even if it's one of the few adult-themed titles on Nintendo's console."

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