Chessmaster Live - IGN Review

By Nate Ahearn

Closing Comments: "At only ten dollars less than the original Xbox release which also featured Xbox Live play it's tough to recommend Chessmaster Live to people. The chess action is solid and the different AI types will please chess aficionados but we can't help but feel like the feature set doesn't quite live up to the rest of the series. Beginners can't just hop in and take a lengthy chess lesson to get themselves acquainted and those looking for something beyond the regular game of chess can only find it online or while playing against a friend. Chessmaster Live is a functional board game, but in this day and age we need a bit more to give it the stamp of approval."

• Presentation: 7.9 - There are some nice touches that separate it from the rest of the XBLA field but there's only so much you can do with chess.

• Graphics: 5.0 - Confusing lighting makes it tough to ascertain which pieces are yours. Art direction could be much better.

• Sound: 6.0 - Odd techno riffs mix in with tunes that will remind you of a piano bar populate the menus. Everything else is lifeless.

• Gameplay: 6.5 - Solid AI variations will please chess diehards. More single-player modes would have helped a lot. The ability to save replays is a nice touch.

• Lasting Appeal: 7.0 - If you're into chess then you'll be busy for some time tackling the different AI types. Not much to keep chess newbies entertained.

• Overall: 6.4 - Passable

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wageslave3787d ago

This is pretty funny.

Chessmaster is a Chess game. Chess, has been played for over 500 years.

Is a "gameplay" and "lasting-appeal" score even relevant?

if you like chess, and play it, its all about the interface and AI.

Chess is always 10/10.