NCsoft president: MMO shift to consoles inevitable

MMOs have a solid place on PCs; but are they destined to make their mark on consoles as well? There have been some notable MMORPGs for consoles, like Final Fantasy XI, but so far they're a minority as a console genre. An important question now hangs: Is all this about to change.

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Gorgon3821d ago

Yep, with HDD becoming standard in consoles its simply inevitable. I wonder with the upcoming MMOs for PS3 and Xbox 360 and the next PS4 and Xbox 720 having default HDDs how that will change the industry in Korea, were tons of people pay to play MMOs in PCs on Cyber Cafés...

THE_JUDGE3821d ago

I will pass on MMO's. They take up too much time and I want a game I can beat and move on from. It will take a very cool game to get me into an MMO.

desolationstorm3821d ago

I agree completely, its not that some of these games are not good. Just that free time is hard to come by and I really dont want to devote it towards just one game. Its well beyond the cost per month since it could be argued that the money you save from juyst playing that one game and not buying new ones could even each other out. Id rather get multiple differnt experiances then one super ingrossing experiance.