Jeff Minter Mocks Scientology - Game Developers hate Tom Cruise too

Gameplayer are reporting that eccentric gaming genius Jeff Minter has taken to Tom Cruise's 'religion' Scientology. He has devised some box art and a brief gameplay description on how a Scientology game would play.

"Maverick UK developer Jeff Minter has possibly invited the wrath of the Church of Scientology."

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wageslave3851d ago

Scientology == Cult money scam.

Skerj3851d ago

I remember him damn near forcing me to play Tempest 3000 on a Nuon at E3. I was scared. .. In any case I hope the scientologist don't send their clone army after him or whatever they use to fight people.

iballa3850d ago

I knew minter was creepy. I will never buy his games now. Scientology is disgusting and evil. I remember how them sick bastards set up recruiting tents in london after the bombings. I hope anom kicks there ass.