Blu-ray: resistance is 'futile'

Guy Dixon from PC Authority writes: "Toshiba's discounting strategy on its HD-DVD players is a futile gesture in a battle with Blu-ray that is "all but over", according to analysts.

Toshiba cut pricing on its HD-DVD players in US retail outlets last month, but Gartner reckons that the game is already up."

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zambrota3794d ago

Why is Toshiba wasting their money on HD DVD?

whats gone is gone. Toshiba should move on and invest their money in their TVs or their own BD players

mikeslemonade3794d ago

It's more so Microsoft who is funding Toshiba to continue making the hardware. Blame Microsoft not Toshiba.

PSWe603794d ago

People who are still buying HDDVD players and discs are the real idiots here. It's like going out and buy laser dics in 1999, or beta max's in 1990 or VHS after 2000.

chrno63794d ago

yeah I agree, and I wonder who has bought 2 or 3 hd dvd players when they were on firesale. They must feel like idiots now.

ambientFLIER3794d ago

Nothing wrong with buying an HD DVD player right now. Just because Blueray won, doesn't mean all the titles in the HD library are suddenly going to stop working. Also, it plays all your old dvd's and is very cheap, so I don't see a problem, the only thing I see is a bunch of ignorant narrow-minded fangirls on N4G.

meepmoopmeep3794d ago

they're just uber stubborn, damn them

kingOVsticks3794d ago

I blame Microsoft for making this hi def dvd completion thing to begin with

PirateThom3794d ago

HD DVD was DOA (no studio support etc.) and Toshiba were going to drop it, they were even offered a place on the BDA, until Microsoft money hatted them to compete with Blu-ray because Microsoft want digital distribution to take off and if Blu-ray won then, people would be less likely to wait for a downloadable solution.

It's obviously backfired since HD DVD was never competing anyway, not really.

Tsukasah3794d ago

Actually, it is partly M$'s fault. Toshiba was gunna call it quits in '05 but after M$ got rejected to join the BluRay race since the BDA rejected M$'s format, they basically went to Toshiba and said, "Look, here's money, stay in this race!" So yeah M$ is mostly to blame. I'd pull out a link of where I got the info from but it was too long ago for me to post it. Google for it or prove me wrong if you can. I wouldn't mind being proved wrong. M$ would HAVE to have some amount of goodness in them, I would hope.

lodossrage3794d ago

Sony had to take their lumps when their beta max format lost. Toshiba seems to be unwilling to accept that they are suffering a similar loss.

Toshiba is like that little kid that tries to fight back against the older, bigger kid that keeps getting back up, just to get knocked down again

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The story is too old to be commented.