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Submitted by DragonKnight 1183d ago | opinion piece

Gaymercon: A forum of separation

Discussing Gaymercon's necessity and the potential precedent it can set to segregate and separate the gaming community into different groups. (Culture, GaymerCon, Industry)

ritsuka666  +   1183d ago
Great article...I don't see why people have a problem with people who are similar gathering in an inviting place to enjoy a hobby they all share. If you are homophobe YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO. If you're actively angry about it then you're probably an entitled dick though...
DragonKnight  +   1183d ago
It isn't that people are gathering in an inviting place to enjoy a hobby. It's the fact that the place is an active forum of separation where none is needed. As one of my gay colleagues put it, there is a difference between ""i am a gay gamer, and this is why I like this convention and why it is needed" and "I AM HERE AND F****** FABULOUS AND HERE IS MY CON."

Not to mention, who speaks for the gay gamers who don't agree with this convention and who think it is unnecessary?

Homophobes and other hate filled people just need to be ignored, but the necessity of this convention should still be discussed as the future could lead to all kinds of conventions catered to different special interest groups or races. I don't want a Beastialcon thanks.
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PopRocks359  +   1183d ago
Gaymercon openly invites straight gamers as well.
DragonKnight  +   1183d ago
And? There's still an active separation of groups there. It's not Unicon (damn that's a cool name, someone should do that), it's Gaymercon.
Shadowstar  +   1183d ago
I don't want a Bestialcon either-- but the comparison to Gaymercon is kind of insulting.
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DragonKnight  +   1183d ago
@Shadowstar: It's a harmless example, don't allow yourself to become insulted by something that has no impact on anything. I could have just as easily said Tentaclecon for people who love that style of anime, or Grassanimationcon for people who fixate on grass animation graphics. Relax.
Shadowstar  +   1183d ago
Look, it's not a harmless example when people in real life use it as a "good" reason for why gay marriage-- heck, homosexuality in general-- shouldn't be allowed (why not allow sex with a dog, or a child, ask some of the homophobic groups).
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DragonKnight  +   1183d ago
It is a harmless example. I'm not responsible for how other people use words and I'm not going to take responsibility for it either. Like I said, I could have used any example and many would be far worse. If you choose to be insulted by it that's up to you, but there was no malicious intent in my comment and you know it. I'm not going to be the type of person who goes around deliberately insulting people, but I'm also not going to be afraid of using words either.

@telekineticmantis: firstly, your name is needlessly complicated. lol. secondly, who said anything about any of what you said? i said that there is no qualifications in being a gamer except that you game. in that, gaming is natively all inclusive. if you can prove to me that a person's race, sexual orientation, or creed has any bearing on their ability to game then I'm willing to listen.

@Shadowstar 2: *facepalm* I just chose an example that popped into my mind as the kind of thing that is unnecessary. I wasn't comparing Gaymercon to it in any other way. But fine, I apologize for insulting people with the example. Geez, people are too edgy these days.
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telekineticmantis  +   1183d ago
Whoever told you
that the gaming community, is a fair, balanced and unbiased gathering, lied to you.

People can keep pretending as if these sub-cultures, and sub-groups are the antagonists and the causes for division, if it makes them feel better, but in reality, the division is caused by supremacists, who feel, who feel they can speak to anyone, who is not like them how they want.

If they want a place to celebrate being a gamer in peace, that's no t their fault.
Shadowstar  +   1183d ago
Yeah. I know you weren't trying to be insulting. That's why I'm telling you it came across that way.

If I'd thought you were just a homophobic jerk, I wouldn't have bothered telling you that what you were saying was insulting, because you'd already know, and that would be why you chose the words you did. If I thought you were trying to insult people, I'd have just blocked you.

It isn't harmless, and while you're not responsible for the fact that other people are assholes, you are responsible for how you use your own words. How hard is it for a reasonable, non-homophobic person who wasn't trying to insult anyone to say "gee, I never thought of it that way?" It's not

So. Just think about why Gaymercon is needed, when even people who are as open minded and non-insulting as you are can't help but compare homosexuality to bestiality.

Edit: Thank you for the apology.
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Gamerpeanuts  +   1183d ago | Well said
Well, it's more about is this necessary. I don't see anything anti-gay about E3 and PAX, do you? Some people who aren't gay, or think it will be uncomfortable in that kind of environment...but have a game they like in their may be left out. It's like having a staightmercon...gays may feel uncomfortable and will be left out. The idea of a gaymercon is ridiculous. We are all gamers, does it really matter what gender,race,or belief you are/have? We all are gamers in the end who are spread out in huge array of different people, who go to conventions solely for the game. Personally political agendas and controversial beliefs, shouldn't be in the video game community. Conventions and games are for fun...not waving around your beliefs and trying to shove it down people's throats. I really don't care if your gay or not...i respect the game and respect you for respecting the game. The good thing about gamers is that virtually anyone is allowed in. If someone makes a black-gamercon, straight-mercon, girl-mercon,etc...your really only putting up barriers, leaving people out in the cold. The reason this is bad is because they are basically segregating themselves. Gamers/game developers frankly dont care if your gay or not! All you are doing is looking like a big a**hole. Like the guy streaking in the middle of a game. We are all gamers and thats all that we shouldn't be putting up walls preventing other gamers from coming in...thats not what the community is about. I personally hope it falls...and it falls hard...only to prove my point, WE DONT CARE! NO ONE CARES! THIS ISN'T WHAT GAMING IS ABOUT! GAMING IS ABOUT PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER COMING TOGETHER TO PLAY, WITHOUT CARING ABOUT ANYONE ELSE'S AGENDAS! Keep gay out of gaming.because we are all we really need to single ourselves out? No...we are all gamers and thats ALL that will EVER matter.
Ace_Pheonix  +   1183d ago
^This. Bubbles for being well spoken and using your brain.
dboyc310  +   1183d ago
Who cares lol if gay people want a convention then let them. I trulydont see why people are even stressing themselves over it. It's nice I don't really mind if they want there own. Humans have a problem by labeling so many things. From my understanding that convention is open to anyone so why are people complainting. It's just another convention. Simple as that.
Lol_Lmao   1183d ago | Offensive
Ace_Pheonix  +   1183d ago
This is literally the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. They bitch about division, and then go on to make some? If anyone created a "straight games convention", there would be blood in the streets. It's unnecessary and just plain f***ing stupid.
Shadowstar  +   1183d ago
Most mainstream conventions are for a specific target demographic-- unmarried 20-40 year old straight white males. They don't do a good job of going outside that demo, in years, in sex, or in sexuality. (I'll assume in race as well, but I haven't particularly paid attention since I'm in the target demo for race.)

I think a "straight gamer convention" wouldn't find blood on the streets, just general confusion and people making fun of you for being poor oppressed straight menz. (Not my wording, but I know of a few places that'd call anyone involved that.)
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L6RD7BLU3  +   1183d ago
Fullmetalevolust  +   1183d ago
I have to prepare myself mentally sometimes to play online because some gamers abuse anonymity and will call you and other players every name possible, and most often, it will be a homophobic slur or a racial slur.
I'd like to think that I sound like everybody else, but when a man who sounds remotely gay enters a game with a mic, or a woman even dares to speak, they soon are bombarded with colorful words, and that to me, isn't acceptable. It happens, and it's not necessarily online, I walk down the street or go to work and hear homophobic slurs. It is not "unnecessary" for some people to find refuge and to feel like they are among others of the same belief, state of mind or orientation. Gaymercon is for everyone just as much as it is for gaymers.
If there was a true sense of unity among gamers as it is said here, there wouldn't be a need for a gaymercon.
Justice and fairness isn't about treating everyone the same, it's about understanding the needs of someone and addressing them appropriately.
Those of you who don't see it as a necessity aren't the ones targeted by this convention.
Deadpool616  +   1182d ago
"It is not "unnecessary" for some people to find refuge and to feel like they are among others of the same belief, state of mind or orientation."

Gaming should be the refuge in itself.

The convention is upfront with a belief, that creates the separation, even if the convention is open to everyone. In gaming, none of that should matter. No single belief defines a gamer except playing and enjoying games.
Deadpool616  +   1183d ago
You know, I thought gaming was a refuge for everyone. Since when was it something defined by any group? Gaming is for everyone and lets keep it for everyone. Personal beliefs have nothing to do with gaming and that's the way it should stand.

The last thing I want to deal with in gaming are things I'm trying to get away from in the real world.
Hicken  +   1183d ago
Seriously, if it doesn't affect you, why do you care? This does not negatively impact straight people, and it's not like you're barred from entry.

It's a convention for an underrepresented minority of gamers to discuss things from their point of view.

I could be wrong, but I doubt there are many- if any- panels at other conventions that focus on the portrayal(good or bad) of non-straight characters in games.

I doubt there are many gaming-related individuals discussing what it's not to be not-straight in the industry.

And I doubt there are many panels discussing what to do in the event that someone during an online gaming session discovers you're not-straight.(Heard it argued that you shouldn't let people know you're gay online, and I say why the hell not? Nobody's preventing us from letting people know we're straight online, are they?"

The amazing part of this is that the people who say it's not necessary are those who aren't affected, in the first place. Excuse my language, but how the f*ck would you know? Instead of going on and on about how it's unnecessary, how about you GO and see what it's about first? THEN you can decide whether it's actually needed, or whether it's "just an excuse for them to hook up."

Oh, but you wouldn't do that, would you? Too afraid it might rub off on you, or someone might hit on you.

Man, I swear. People can make me sick sometimes.
Gamerpeanuts  +   1182d ago
Your stance is a good intentioned stand,but your right it doesn't affect me now does it...actually it does. it affects gamers all around.It basically is segregative to everyone else. What does that stop from other conventions? Thing is, when you through alot of politics and contracersial subjects in gaming, it starts an uproar. It then becomes about the political and personall agenda you side with,less than the thrill of the game. Like republican and democrats. they only split the population...thats no big deal. But then with that comes scandalls and stuff. It does affect me and everyone...mainly by taking everyone out of the thrill of the games and more about your agenda...because you think to yourself now...this whole conversation splits gamers and takes away from the game and putts more political and personal emphisis on us right? So yeah, it does affect everyone. It Leads us away from our fun hobby. We are all gamers and it should be about fun and NOT segregating eachother.In the end it affects everyone thats a gamer.
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cl1983  +   1182d ago
The amazing part of this is that the people who say it's not necessary are those who aren't affected, in the first place. Excuse my language, but how the f*ck would you know? Instead of going on and on about how it's unnecessary, how about you GO and see what it's about first? THEN you can decide whether it's actually needed, or whether it's "just an excuse for them to hook up."

How can you make this claim. You don't know any persons life style choices that have commented here. You only assume everyone is strait that has commented. A lack of definite statement doesn't mean something is automatically the "normal" standard.

"I doubt there are many gaming-related individuals discussing what it's not to be not-straight in the industry. "

How many conventions are there panels talking about be a strait gamer. Gaming conventions are for games, and gamers of any creed or sexual desire. Now why aren't LGBT gamers pushing to include gaming at LGTB events.
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