Namco Bandai’s huge TGS 2012 lineup, more games to be confirmed

Namco Bandai has a huge lineup for this year's TGS, and may have unannounced games.

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Xof2087d ago

2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation (PS3) – video, exhibition
Accel World: Awakening of the Silver Wings (PS3/PSP) – video
Accel World: Peak Acceleration (PS3/PSP) – video
Aikatsu! Cinderella Lesson (3DS) – playable, video
AKB 1/153: Love Election (PSP/Vita) – video
All Kamen Rider Generation 2 (PSP/DS) – playable, video
Digimon Adventure (PSP) – video
Eureka Seven AO Game&OVA Hybrid Disc (PS3) – video
God Eater 2 (PSP) – video, exhibition
Gon Baku Baku Baku Baku Adventure (3DS) – video
Hunter X Hunter Wonder Adventure (PSP) – video
[email protected]: Shiny Festa – Honey Sound (PSP) – video, exhibition
Kamen Rider: Super Climax Heroes (Wii/PSP) – video
Kokoro Connect Yochi Random (PSP) – video
Lost Heroes (3DS/PSP) – video
Mobile Suit Gundam Online (PC)
Naruto SD Powerful Shippuden (3DS) – playable, video, exhibition
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (PS3/360) – playable, video
One Piece: Romance Dawn (PSP) – video
Ouchi Mainichi Tamagotchi (3DS) – playable, video, exhibition
Project X Zone (3DS) – playable, video, exhibition
Saint Seiya Omega (PSP) – video
SD Gundam G Generation Overworld (PSP) – video
Smile Precure! Let’s Go! Märchen World (3DS) – playable, video
SumonNight 3 (PSP) – video
SumonNight 4 (PSP) – video
SumonNight 5 (PSP) – video
Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment (PSP) – video
Taiko no Tatsujin: Little Dragon and the Mysterious Orb (3DS) – playable, video
Taiko no Tatsujin Super Deluxe Edition (Wii) – playable, video, exhibition
Tales of the World: Dice Adventure (PC)
Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3) – playable, video, exhibition
Tiger & Bunny On-Air Jack! (PSP) – video
Tokitowa (PS3) – video, exhibition
Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters (DS) – playabe, video

Not too much that interests me, mostly because none of those games are new. It's about time for Namco Bandai to pop out another Macross game. Maybe a gundam game, too, but they already gave the PS3 two gundam titles this year (1 mediocre and 1 godawful) so maybe it's too early.

And the lack of Project Diva F (PS3 ver.) makes me vaguely disappointed. Really hoping to see that game in action before I buy.

Kenjifirera2087d ago

If they make a gundam game they would have to take a newer approach that also brings back classic elements so it doesn't turn out crappy again.

Xof2087d ago

And what, pray tell, are 'classic elements?' For all the mediocrity, this generation has seen the release of, arguably, the best Gundam game the franchise has seen in Record UC 0081.

Not to mention the fantastic Battle series on handhelds.

Or versus for the folks who prefer arcade-action.

I get the feeling you don't really know much about Gundam games. Or Gundam.

Kyosuke_Sanada2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

I'm agree with you on that. Journey to Jaburo, Gundam Side Story and Zeonic Front still remain my favourite games in the franchise and seeing none of the concepts (Such as double damage when being attacked from behind, using three types of radar to discover the enemy, first person mode etc) being implemented in Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation for PS3 was a shocking disappointment.

I know the game was free but seeing such potential being flushed down the toilet brought a tear to my eye........

StifflerK2087d ago

Wouldn't Project Diva F (ps3) be on Sega's line up ?

I've got it on the Vita - good game btw.

FinaLXiii2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

I miss Digimon gotta admit never was really into pokemon to begin with as an anime series.

pokemon were better games of course but digmon are way cooler imo.

jghvhv2087d ago

Flamedramon was my favourite one.

kevinsheeks2087d ago

2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation

I played all the one's before this i know we won't get it but i wish we would -.-

crawling1822087d ago

I find the number of PSP games a bit of a letdown

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