Tekken 6 Anna vs Bob

Tekken 6 gameplay footage via GameTrailers.

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Lord Anubis3576d ago

Despite his appearance Bob sure can move.

INehalemEXI3576d ago

Im pretty sure ive seen bob kick someone 2x to the chest and back flip off said chest.

BloodySinner3576d ago

Appearances can be deceiving.

Panthers3576d ago

This is still Japan making fun of Americans.

Cryxen3576d ago

In the same way Nina can kick Jack off his feet in one move...

Tekken aint about realism foo!

k2d3575d ago

I want to dress "Bob" up like Robert Paulsen - bare torso, black pants.
Then we wouldn't have to go to support groups for "Men With Testicular Cancer"...

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green3576d ago

Bob is sure fast for a guy his size.
Is he a new character?if not which series did he first appear in?

INehalemEXI3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

yup, hes new.

edit: those waves in the background are sweet.

Skerj3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

I thought they meant Hwaorang at first, then I remembered. Bob = Fat Ken!! I just saw him do a shoryuken. I must say though, the game is looking better, at first it looked JUST like Dark Resurrection.

RSX3576d ago

that bob is cool

and loving the naruto style music

The Wood3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

bob reminds me of samo hung. That guy could do a lot of stuff many smaller people couldn't. Check him out in prodigal son

cheers, I grew up on that stuff

Skerj3576d ago

Agreed and bubbled for Kung Fu movie knowledge.

SpikeSpiegel3576d ago

Check him and Donnie Yen in Killzone aka Saat Po Lang

Skerj3576d ago

Bubbles and agree for you too Spike, I bought that about 8 months ago. It started off slow but then the Donnie Yen I knew kicked in and it was sweet.

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The story is too old to be commented.