What Does Ground Zeroes Mean for Project Ogre?

With this weekend's exciting reveal of 'Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes' at PAX Prime, we breakdown what it all means for the status of Hideo Kojima's mysterious endeavor, 'Project Ogre.'

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Boysangur2057d ago

Wait. MGS: GZ, is not project Ogre? Wasn't the bad guy kinda the ogre?

Nitrowolf22057d ago

eh I always thought Project Ogre was just the name of the tech demo of the new engine.

Boysangur2057d ago

That's pretty much what I thought. More like, I thought it was just whatever the next FOX game would be.

Batzi2057d ago

Project Ogre has NOTHING to do with Metal Gear. Different genre. Too early to discuss it and it's still far from ready to be demonstrated. Kojima is taking his time with it. That's what he said. Ground Zeroes will be released then ZOE3(last Kojima Pro game this gen) then Project Ogre+MGS5 for next-gen.

DeadManMcCarthy2057d ago

Isn't Project Ogre just a codename for MGSGZ?

ginsunuva2056d ago

Ogre is a different project.