Hackers manage to freeze PS3 via Tiff exploit

According to reports, hackers by the name of Team ICE and SorroW have released an 'overflow.tiff exploit which is confirmed working on both PAL and NTSC PS3's running firmware up to v2.10. The TIFF file freezes the PS3 via a heap overflow and is being released so other hacking teams can figure out how to make something more useful from it.

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sehnsucht3815d ago

Why are they doing this in the first place? Sony gave people the option of Linux for homebrew. It's not like it's the PSP. The only thing they could be wanting from this is piracy (which is hardly viable with Blu-Ray anyway).

ITR3815d ago

Are you kidding we'll be seeing pirated BD discs as soon as the format war is over.

If this is a known hack it should be exploited until Sony fixes the issue.

pwnsause3815d ago

yup, eventually we will see pirated BD movies being sold by bootleggars at the side of a Major NYC street Sooner or later.

gamesR4fun3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

br has been cracked almost since day one
as for linux on the ps3 its very much gimped as a matter of fact its the only reason Id want a crack. Somehow I doubt they'll ever get burnt b/r games to play on it tho....

BobDog3815d ago

the format war is over

hd-dvd is trying to just clear stock lol

eyeballpauluk3815d ago

the last thing the ps3 needs right now is pirated games! The 360 gets away with it as the install base is high so it wont hurt profits as much..not that I agree with it for the 360 either, all my games, which is a large colection now, are legal

gta_cb3814d ago

your comment is spam, this article has nothing to do with HD-DVD its to do with the PS3 not even really anything to do with BluRay although obviously is apart of the system, this could help run homebrew on the PS3 in the future, after all i for one know how fun homebrew can be as i am running 3.80 M33

BobDog3814d ago

i was replying to a comment, and look up, there has been 5 comments on blu ray, why single me out...

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Skerj3815d ago

That's usually how it starts, those damn tiffs!!

Marceles3815d ago

Yeah this was the same thing used to crash PSP FW down to 1.0 a long time ago

Lord Anubis3815d ago

This is extremely old. They put it on a memory stick load up the .tiff and load the game.

DrPirate3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Have fun downloading 16 - 50 gigabytes worth of movies and games each.

In case you didn't know, a majority of Blu-Ray movies are in between 40 to 50 gigabytes worth of data. There's proof out there, but I don't have the link on my laptop.

Games? Sure, the first ones were 4-8, maybe a couple were 9 to 14, Resistance and Motorstorm both had padding files, 16 to 17 gigabytes.

I'd love to see the new PS3 games being minimum 25 gigs, and capping at 50.

I know I already don't have the patience to wait for a 4.7 gigabyte file, let alone have the storage space to hold more than 2 or 3 games at their full capacity. If it works via ISO loader, find me either a 50 gigabyte USB drive, or you'll have to be burning blu-rays.

The cost of an external 500 gigabyte - 1 terabyte hard drive, or a blu-ray burner plus writable blu-ray disks has to be taken into account.

No matter which way you slice it, PS3 makes piracy not impossible, no, piracy will happen, but it just makes it SO inconvenient that only the most determined people will go through with it. It's just cheaper timewise and requires less effort to just buy the games used for 30 bucks off ebay if you need to save so desperately. I bought Ninja Gaiden Sigma for 21.99 off ebay. Go me!

killer_trap3815d ago

i totally agree with you. and besides real gamers don't pirate games, well at least not the good ones.

jaja14343815d ago

Umm most BR movies are just 25 gigs. Except for the nice long 3+hour ones.

Also pretty much any HD movie can be compressed to fit onto a double sided DVD. But for downloading purpose, they are usually compressed to around 15 gigs or so.

As for the games, there is no reason at all that you would download then in some sort of compressed formate.

That said, it would still take a few days to download but that of course depends entirely on your connection speed.

jaja14343815d ago

Ahh good old heap overflow... Crashed many a computers while learning C with that error.

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