Double Fine’s The Cave Coming To Wii U

Ron Gilbert and Double Fine annonced at this year’s PAX Prime expo that their upcoming game titled The Cave, will be coming to the Nintendo Wii U.

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guitarded771963d ago

Looks like fun... Is this a downloadable game or retail?

Venox20081962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

eshop, game looks good & fun..I love double fine

ElitaStorm1963d ago

what a ridiculous name

"The Cave Coming To We you"

PopRocks3591963d ago

Wii U. If you're going to make a crappy joke at least spell it properly.

ElitaStorm1962d ago

it sounded exactly like that when I read the headline in my head

so ya.... its was not a joke

walterwhite1962d ago

Nintendo's ip's,good third party support and a lot of downloadable indie games. Why would i need another console other than Wii U?

Venox20081962d ago

I just hope that the sales of Wii U & 3rd party games will be fine,so more and more support would be on Wii U ..also 3ds