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Double Fine’s The Cave Coming To Wii U

Ron Gilbert and Double Fine annonced at this year’s PAX Prime expo that their upcoming game titled The Cave, will be coming to the Nintendo Wii U. (The Cave, Wii U)

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DA_SHREDDER  +   718d ago
guitarded77  +   718d ago
Looks like fun... Is this a downloadable game or retail?
Venox2008  +   718d ago
eshop, game looks good & fun..I love double fine
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ElitaStorm  +   718d ago
what a ridiculous name

"The Cave Coming To We you"
PopRocks359  +   718d ago
Wii U. If you're going to make a crappy joke at least spell it properly.
ElitaStorm  +   718d ago
it sounded exactly like that when I read the headline in my head

so ya.... its was not a joke
walterwhite  +   718d ago
Nintendo's ip's,good third party support and a lot of downloadable indie games. Why would i need another console other than Wii U?
Venox2008  +   718d ago
I just hope that the sales of Wii U & 3rd party games will be fine,so more and more support would be on Wii U ..also 3ds

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