Resident Evil 6 Hands-on Preview | El33tonline

Oliver at El33tonline writes:

"It’s a pity that discussion surrounding Resident Evil 6 leading up to its early October release has mostly been about looking back, rather than looking forward. Before the game is even out, series fans have bemoaned how the game has apparently ‘abandoned’ the core horror themes and gameplay that made the franchise so unique.

It’s true that Resident Evil 6 has replaced the traditional ‘tank controls’ with fluid movement, combat and strafing abilities and it’s true that there is a larger focus on action, instead of prolonged tension and exploration, but for any series to continue to survive and be a success, it needs to change and evolve to match modern tastes and expectations.

What Resident Evil 6 does handily is update the pace at which the game takes place while still including elements fans of the series will find familiar, with plenty of tension, action and horror along the way. During a recent hands-on demo of Resident Evil 6, I was again able to gather evidence to back up these claims."

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