A List of Lists and a List of Reasons Why You Should (or Shouldn't) Read These Other Lists

"Each week, the Internet forces loyal readers of websites to read numerous lists of the best movies, games or whatever. Fans seem to love them, and writers love them even more as they are about the least creative article someone could create. So, we thought why not just completely overkill the fad here on Planet Xbox 360 by making a list about lists. This article is a result of that thought, and despite this list's credibility, it sure makes a good time killer when you're not wanting to look at your own personal to-do list, so let's get to it!" Amanda Dyar

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Muffins12231929d ago

So a list of list to not read...wut?!?!?

amandadyar1928d ago

Yeah, it is a list of lists and opinion on them. =-)