Media Capabilities of Playstation 3 & Xbox 360

This is a summary of the various audio and video codec combinations possible with each game console. All the info after the jump...

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Joey Gladstone3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Oh and if you dont feel like going to the link ill save you the trouble.....the PS3 is far more Compatible with many more formats than the 360.....
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

green3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Both are great for the added functionality that they provide apart from gaming.

I only own a 360 because i prefer it but i don't think saying the 360 is better will make me feel any better about the money i spent on the console,ill let the games do that for me and i suggest you do the same.

Peekay3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

hmmmm - you're being a bit harsh on Joey. He never said the Ps3 was better. All he said was that it had more (prob not "far") compatibility than the 360 - and going by the article - is the truth.

Edit: I take it back, you've changed your comment.

whengeeksgobad3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Sort of.

If you are just counting containers, yes. I own both, and honestly having a 2 gig Divx file size limit is kinda bunk. Particularly since its touted as divx certified.

They *both* seem to have problems playing all the container formats they claim to be able to do. I've spoken to several people who seem to have problems getting older divx/xvids to play on either. They are basically neck and neck - or at least that has been my own personal experience, no uninformed article necessary.

Furthermore their claim about a 4 gig file size limit on locally stored content on the xbox is just wrong.

Mikelarry3818d ago

of my Avi's dont work on my ps3 it says something like unsupported format. but they work well on my 360 i dont see the reason why

mighty_douche3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Thought the PS3 supportted 7.1?

EDIT: why do i get a disagree for asking a simple question??

heyheyhey3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

well its no mystery that the ps3 has better media capabilities, now its time to focus on getting those games out on time eh sony- its all thats left for you to win this thing and its not hard with your huge amount of dev studios now is it?

and lets not be slow and lazy with the dev kits and deals like last year eh? that's right Kaz, its time to stop masturbating and do something

@mighty douche

yeah i am aware that it exists thanks

i dont see what was so fanboyish about my post

i was just saying that the ps3 has better media capabilities (which everyone knows and no-one can argue with cause its pretty much a fact) and that sony need to up their game and put some effort in and i said that sony has a large amount of 1st party dev studios- which is true

i didn't flame the 360 and i didn't call anyone an "xbot"

so what exactly is your point douche?

3818d ago
heyheyhey3818d ago

yeah and?

it was a joke relating to Kaz Hirai's slowness last year, i still dont get why you said "open zone"

whengeeksgobad3818d ago

I don't know that I agree. I'd say there about the same if discount some obscure containers/formats that people rarely use anyway. Not sure I believe the ps3 to be superior as far as its media capabilities go, again, I own both, they are both quite competent. Thankfully, we can blame MS for Sony supporting DivX and vice versa as competition has driven them both to do things I don't think they would have done without wanting to try to stay ahead/even with the other.

Blademask3818d ago

Wrong. I have a 9gb predator copied to my HDD that plays.

Why do people not even research stuff before they write it? It makes no sense.

wageslave3818d ago

I agree. Talking about "Media Capabilities" of the Xbox 360 and leaving out all discussion of Windows Media Center Extender is just a poorly researched article.

Not a single word about using it with Tuner Cards and using it as a PVR as I do. Or watching IPTV. Or tuning into broadcast radio, or internet radio stations and all the other things I do on a nearly daily basis with the Xbox 360's Media Capabilities.

Just a poorly researched article.

heyheyhey3818d ago

perhaps the article was focusing on what capabilities the actual consoles had themselves without the need to sync up with a PC program (although all those file capabilities are going to be needed to be downloaded via a PC unless sony ever implements a download feature with the browser- of course you can just install linux and do it anyway)

whengeeksgobad3818d ago

If this article were written with the consoles capabilities without the need of a pc, then its almost irrelevant to consider ANY of these containers as most all of them would be coming from a streamed source, or copied to a portable hard drive which was then hooked up to either, so not sure about that.

rofldings3818d ago

No mention of being able to install linux on your PS3 and watching any file, either - eh?

nupes983818d ago

Good point. I thought the same thing

whengeeksgobad3817d ago

three disagrees for saying that you'd need a computer to get these formats/containers to either the ps3 or xbox. WOW. People aren't even reading this, they're just deciding I might be bashing this or that console within a word or four. ignorance ftw. Pretty sad.

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