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Media Capabilities of Playstation 3 & Xbox 360

This is a summary of the various audio and video codec combinations possible with each game console. All the info after the jump... (PS3, Xbox 360)
Tipsed by: Mr_Kuwabara

Joey Gladstone  +   2854d ago
Finally nice to see an actual list .......
Oh and if you dont feel like going to the link ill save you the trouble.....the PS3 is far more Compatible with many more formats than the 360.....
......"The JOEY has Spoken"
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green  +   2854d ago
Both are great for the added functionality that they provide apart from gaming.

I only own a 360 because i prefer it but i don't think saying the 360 is better will make me feel any better about the money i spent on the console,ill let the games do that for me and i suggest you do the same.
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Peekay  +   2854d ago
hmmmm - you're being a bit harsh on Joey. He never said the Ps3 was better. All he said was that it had more (prob not "far") compatibility than the 360 - and going by the article - is the truth.

Edit: I take it back, you've changed your comment.
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whengeeksgobad  +   2854d ago
@ joey
Sort of.

If you are just counting containers, yes. I own both, and honestly having a 2 gig Divx file size limit is kinda bunk. Particularly since its touted as divx certified.

They *both* seem to have problems playing all the container formats they claim to be able to do. I've spoken to several people who seem to have problems getting older divx/xvids to play on either. They are basically neck and neck - or at least that has been my own personal experience, no uninformed article necessary.

Furthermore their claim about a 4 gig file size limit on locally stored content on the xbox is just wrong.
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Mikelarry  +   2854d ago
of my Avi's dont work on my ps3 it says something like unsupported format. but they work well on my 360 i dont see the reason why
mighty_douche  +   2854d ago
Thought the PS3 supportted 7.1?

EDIT: why do i get a disagree for asking a simple question??
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timmyp53  +   2854d ago
It does.
MaximusPrime   2854d ago | Spam
Mikelarry  +   2854d ago
some ppl are just silly with it
heyheyhey  +   2854d ago
well its no mystery that the ps3 has better media capabilities, now its time to focus on getting those games out on time eh sony- its all thats left for you to win this thing and its not hard with your huge amount of dev studios now is it?

and lets not be slow and lazy with the dev kits and deals like last year eh? that's right Kaz, its time to stop masturbating and do something

@mighty douche

yeah i am aware that it exists thanks

i dont see what was so fanboyish about my post

i was just saying that the ps3 has better media capabilities (which everyone knows and no-one can argue with cause its pretty much a fact) and that sony need to up their game and put some effort in and i said that sony has a large amount of 1st party dev studios- which is true

i didn't flame the 360 and i didn't call anyone an "xbot"

so what exactly is your point douche?
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mighty_douche   2854d ago | Spam
heyheyhey  +   2854d ago
yeah and?

it was a joke relating to Kaz Hirai's slowness last year, i still dont get why you said "open zone"
whengeeksgobad  +   2854d ago
I don't know that I agree. I'd say there about the same if discount some obscure containers/formats that people rarely use anyway. Not sure I believe the ps3 to be superior as far as its media capabilities go, again, I own both, they are both quite competent. Thankfully, we can blame MS for Sony supporting DivX and vice versa as competition has driven them both to do things I don't think they would have done without wanting to try to stay ahead/even with the other.
Blademask  +   2854d ago
"There is a file size limit of 4GB for all file types when playing from local storage (e.g hard drive, USB stick)."
Wrong. I have a 9gb predator copied to my HDD that plays.

Why do people not even research stuff before they write it? It makes no sense.
wageslave  +   2854d ago
I agree. Talking about "Media Capabilities" of the Xbox 360 and leaving out all discussion of Windows Media Center Extender is just a poorly researched article.

Not a single word about using it with Tuner Cards and using it as a PVR as I do. Or watching IPTV. Or tuning into broadcast radio, or internet radio stations and all the other things I do on a nearly daily basis with the Xbox 360's Media Capabilities.

Just a poorly researched article.
heyheyhey  +   2854d ago
perhaps the article was focusing on what capabilities the actual consoles had themselves without the need to sync up with a PC program (although all those file capabilities are going to be needed to be downloaded via a PC unless sony ever implements a download feature with the browser- of course you can just install linux and do it anyway)
whengeeksgobad  +   2854d ago
@heyhey again
If this article were written with the consoles capabilities without the need of a pc, then its almost irrelevant to consider ANY of these containers as most all of them would be coming from a streamed source, or copied to a portable hard drive which was then hooked up to either, so not sure about that.
rofldings  +   2854d ago
No mention of being able to install linux on your PS3 and watching any file, either - eh?
nupes98  +   2854d ago
Good point. I thought the same thing
whengeeksgobad  +   2853d ago
three disagrees for saying that you'd need a computer to get these formats/containers to either the ps3 or xbox. WOW. People aren't even reading this, they're just deciding I might be bashing this or that console within a word or four. ignorance ftw. Pretty sad.
TheMART  +   2854d ago
The info isn't complete:

"# There is no file size limit when streaming over a network for all media types.
# There is a file size limit of 4GB for all file types when playing from local storage (e.g hard drive, USB stick). "

4 GB file limit on the external USB 2.0 HDD has a workaround. Format the drive in HFS+, use Macdrive 7 and put the HD-movies on the HDD. Larger then 4GB will just play that way on the 360!

Best HD player ever. No spinning discs, no scratching discs. BluRay is so last gen compared to that.
rofldings  +   2854d ago
Same goes for the PS3 and you can play files off the drive built in.

And you do HDDs spin too, right? And BD discs are highly scratch resistant, unless you intentionally take a knife to it.
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ruibing  +   2854d ago
Well I have attached a 500GB external HDD formatted in FAT32 to my PS3. I've been able to play .avi and .mp4 video files so easily, and I'm no longer restricted to my upstairs 19" LCD monitor for TV shows any longer, now I can watch them in near-DVD quality on my 47" HDTV, often with AC3 5.1 surround sound.

This is of course all the movies I used to download before I got my PS3 and moved into Blu Ray. I'll gladly pay for the HD quality of Blu Ray movies, usually action or extremely cinematic ones, but I'm never going to pay for SD quality videos in DLC.
Rockstar  +   2854d ago
Poor Sad little Mart
Running out of PS3 FUD are we?
Kyur4ThePain  +   2854d ago
A few months ago you would've said Blu-Ray is so last gen compared to HD-DVD.
So funny...
the mart im gay  +   2854d ago
Im sorry i didnt mean to say that. Im just a homo with no life and its currently my time of the month.

I love you all especially the guys!
Shadow Man  +   2854d ago
Please help
Can somebody explain or give me a link to how to play videos from my hard drive to my 360. I know that is suppose to be fat 32 format but my 360 doesn't recognize my ipod(FAT 32) or flash drive. And my external hard drive is NTFS.
mighty_douche  +   2854d ago
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wageslave  +   2854d ago
Use Xbox 360 with Digital Media (start here):


Use Windows Media Center with Xbox 360:

Use ipod with Xbox 360:

Use Windows Shares with Xbox 360:
Shadow Man  +   2854d ago
2 Disagrees? maybe is because I didn't post my comment in open zone..sorry T_T
PS:Thank u wageslave!
nupes98  +   2854d ago
I am glad you mention media center. It has a host of options. Can the PS3 be connected to computer (honestly asking)
Guwapo77  +   2854d ago
Yes the PS3 can stream wireless feeds from the PC.
nupes98  +   2853d ago
@ above
OmegaKulu  +   2854d ago
1 think i like to point out under ps3 note:
"DivX files are limited to 2GB in size & that includes when streaming over a network."
"There is no file size limit for all other file types when streaming over a network."
so wth is it trying to say here?
and "I "think" this is accurate"??? lol
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Skerj  +   2854d ago
Um that's pretty clear to me man. Divx files have a size limit, other files don't?
Whoooop  +   2854d ago
Good to see MART commenting on the Open Zone.......
That's where your comments belong buddy... Keep'em coming

unjust  +   2854d ago
Its a big shame
Microsoft and Sony should just merge and form an amazing machine because I like both systems and want to play all the good games this exclusive stuff is anoying. That is why I now have a Gamecube laying around because I wanted the Resident Evil games. Getting to the real point dont care that much about features want a system for games everthing else is just extra goodies. People are really trying to make this a battle between companies. Why do the consumers of these consoles care so much about who makes better stuff or has better options. Its not like they are making profit off any of this.
Skerj  +   2854d ago
PS3 wins it for me, the playback controls are far more intuitive and less cumbersome without having to buy a stand alone remote. The organization on the XMB is top notch too, now if only they'd allow us to make video playlists and our own folders instead of presets it'd be king. However, there have been a few Divx files my PS3 wouldn't play that I slapped onto the 360 and it started right up. Also I like the fact that 360 can play streamed music in games instead of what's stored on the hard drive.
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2 cents  +   2854d ago
From my experience, i think both consoles are more or less on par as far as media capabilities concerns, but the ps3 has an advantage due to hardware reliability and a super smooth run with almost no noise at all. I know every one is fed up hearing about the x360`s hardware issues, but when you own both consoles you will have to take that into consideration.
Talvish  +   2854d ago
Noise is probably my biggest issue with the 360. I own three, 2 pre-Falcon, one Falcon. The fan is just too loud when doing nothing but playing movies, and that seemingly hasn't changed between the pre/post Falcon. When watching movies with quiet/subtle sections it can be a bit hard to hear without adjusting volume. My wife and I rent a movie once a week off the Video Marketplace. Some movies are a non-issue, but others can be tough in places.

If MS were to create a newer version that was quieter I would replace the one I largely use for media (for downloadable movies and windows media extension) in a heart beat.
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Tsukasah  +   2854d ago
I'd just like to be able to organize my music by artist AND album. I have entire discographies on my PS3. Dream Theater, Rush, Porcupine Tree, Nightwish, Counting Crows, and U2 discographies. It gets to be a real mess when I want to listen to a specific song, or selecting one to listen to while playing Super Stardust HD....
PSWe60  +   2854d ago
I love my PS3
Blademask  +   2854d ago
"There is a file size limit of 4GB for all file types when playing from local storage (e.g hard drive, USB stick)."
Wrong. I have a 9gb predator copied to my HDD that plays.

Why do people not even research stuff before they write it? It makes no sense.
GutZ31  +   2854d ago
@ heyheyhey
"""perhaps the article was focusing on what capabilities the actual consoles had themselves without the need to sync up with a PC program (although all those file capabilities are going to be needed to be downloaded via a PC unless sony ever implements a download feature with the browser- of course you can just install linux and do it anyway)"""

Actually, are a few sites that you can download directly to the PS3 with a little deleting and typing.

www.stage6.com is one of these sites, as all you have to do is delete everything in the address except these basic things " http://video.stage6.com/###...
the word "video" will be the only thing that will need to be added where "www" was once.
the "#######" is referring to the given number for the video file "0~9" numbers will be there, the rest of the text is able to be completely deleted, so all you should be left with is
" http://video.stage6.com/###...

also. if the file errors for some reason, you can try added ".divx" to the end of the link.
" http://video.stage6.com/###...
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Xbox is the BEST  +   2853d ago
in the end Xbox got the BEST games
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Kleptic  +   2853d ago
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yeh  +   2853d ago
We will.
We will play behind. You know why? Because Sony is ass raping the competition.
Lord_Ash  +   2853d ago
AVI never work.
For some reason when ever I put an Avi file (Divx or Xvid) on my PS3 it never works, it says “Unsupported Format” or something, If anyone knows what’s the problem I would be really thankful.

I use Tversity with my PS3 and it’s great, it plays anything, I recommend it. I’m asking the above questions cause sometimes I don’t have a PC around.
felidae  +   2853d ago
nice to have the Open Zone .. where idiots like TheMART could spread their BS.
HarryEtTubMan  +   2853d ago
LMAO PS3 wins. Again. Like it will win in everything.

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