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Sony comments on ‘God of War Ascension’ cross-play for Vita

Sony Santa Monica’s “God of War: Ascension” is one of the PlayStation 3’s biggest releases during early 2013, however, some fans are wondering when Kratos will make his PlayStation Vita debut.

During the "God of War" PAX panel, a curious fan asked when “God of War” may find its way to the PlayStation Vita and if “God of War: Ascension” may possibly feature cross-play functionality. (God of War: Ascension, PS Vita, PS3)

GribbleGrunger  +   972d ago | Well said
This is a really badly put together article. Ignore the title altogether. Sony only comment on it because it's put to them as a question and the answer is no. The headline suggests that it not only IS being worked on but it will be a part of cross play. I smell a seed of discontent being sown here. Don't give this a hit
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G20WLY  +   972d ago
Fan: "Will this happen"?
Sony: "No".

Examiner.com: "No news, then...let's write an article anyway! Hey, if we word the title right, we can build false hopes and milk the fans for hits!"
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guitar_nerd_23  +   971d ago
Thanks for saving a minute of my life dude. :)
mafiahajeri  +   972d ago
A gow game on the vita maybe Deimos story would be amazing! Sad ready at dawn turned Down gow vita but hopefully someone picks it up.
nevin1  +   972d ago
"Sad ready at dawn turned Down gow vita"

They did?
mafiahajeri  +   972d ago
srcBFMVBMTH  +   972d ago
Dude, Deimos was such a badass character in GOS. Wouldn't mind if he got his own game. His fighting style would be so different from Kratos too. (Gauntlet and more traditional Spartan Weapons).

Would be a cool character in PS All Stars too. Should be at least a different costume for Kratos.
KUV1977  +   972d ago
SPOILER for those who haven't played Ghost of Sparte yet: Wasn't Deimos captured as a kid and held captive until Kratos rescued him, only so he could be killed moments later. How would they make a complete game out of Deimos story? Or did i mix something up?
srcBFMVBMTH  +   972d ago

Crap, you're right lol. Pretty sure SSM could think of something epic up for Deimos though. But they probably won't : /
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LarVanian  +   972d ago
Deimos will indeed be in PS All Stars as an alternative costume
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Heavenly King  +   971d ago
Deimos is an alternative costume for Kratos in PSASBR.
Qrphe  +   972d ago
They could at least give us the possibility of streaming it to the Vita since we know it's possible (at least for PS3 CFW).
IHateYouFanboys  +   972d ago
i was going to say i dont know why people are complaining about this article, its a legitimate one from all i can see.

this confirms theres no GOW:A coming out on vita, and hence no cross-buy/cross-play. when you guys all champion the dozens of 'why xbox live isnt worth the money' articles every day, why cant an article like this be posted?
NotSoSilentBob  +   972d ago
"Right now there are no plans for it" That doesn't mean they will not make plans for it. Kind of line how Sony wasn't getting a new gen Portable ready yet they will released the VITA. Everyone knows that Sony is ready and willing to port games across its different systems, just takes time.
yeahokchief  +   972d ago
I still wouldn't buy a vita. And I have plenty of money.
searcam01  +   972d ago
Why post that comment then? You didn't even explain why you wouldn't buy it. I don't get it. Troll.
ado908  +   972d ago
God I hope not enough with the cross-plays. Honestly people want to buy the vita for it's own games not cross-play functionality otherwise you just wasted your money. Vita needs it's own God of war game no more cross plays if this continues I'm re-selling the vita seeing as I have played the thing since the last uncharted came out on it and that was a while ago.
DivineAssault  +   972d ago
vita will get a GOW eventually.. Its not even a year old yet n hitting the systems peak with GOW, MH, etc right away will make any future projects less impact full.. I would rather it come out a yr or 2 into its life cycle.. Look at 3DS for example.. Its selling like crazy which is by no means a bad thing but theyre reaching their peak.. Mario kart, 3d land, n all that other stuff is already at hand.. Whats left? Zelda n hopefully a metroid n its over.. Then u gotta wait til a new handheld is born.. Give the vita some time & the games will come.. LBP & AC3 coming out this yr is a plus.. & im definitely getting the cross buy with PSABR.. Theres silent hill coming this year too..
StreetsofRage  +   972d ago
Just give me my ps3 version please.
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GRamirez  +   971d ago
This is most misleading article title ever.

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