Intel To Invest Over $1 Billion In India

The Economic Times writes:

"Global chip maker Intel will invest more than one billion dollars in India over the next three years as it seeks to prepare light-weight personal computers in partnership with Indian and foreign hardware firms."

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SaiyanFury3762d ago

Great, and more lousy, unintelligible tech support I'm sure. Am I the only one tired of American companies outsourcing to India and other English-imperiled countries? Like with Linksys, I phone "tech" support, that which I offically dub "wreck" support, and more often than not I get someone who speaks English so badly, they're barely understandable. I get nowhere with them and ultimately end up solving my hair pulling problems myself. No wonder I'm going bald fast...

eyeballpauluk3762d ago

ye, im a systems developer for a large insurance firm in the UK, and im out of a job come 31st march as our jobs are going to India...

And from all the work they have already done in India, there have been plenty of complaints of poor shoddy the language barrier is harder to overcome than these companies think!

Capt CHAOS3762d ago

It's called putting money before service..